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A Good Year

A Good Year quotes

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Max Skinner
Uncle Henry Skinner

View Quote 'Fraid so - be in touch.
View Quote Fanny Chenal: [Fanny approaches a customer who is behind a raised newspaper] Bonjour. Vous avez choisi?
Max Skinner: [lowers newspaper] I think so.
Fanny Chenal: [recognizing him] You sure you don't need more time?
Max Skinner: No, I know what I want.
Fanny Chenal: You're sure?
Max Skinner: Absolutely.
Fanny Chenal: So, what is it to be?
Max Skinner: How's the soup?
Fanny Chenal: The soup is finished.
Max Skinner: Like my job... The fish?
Fanny Chenal: We've run out.
Max Skinner: That's like me with excuses.
Fanny Chenal: Don't waste my time. Choose something we have.
Max Skinner: I would like a lifetime spent with an irrational and suspicious goddess, some short-tempered jealousy on the side, and a bottle of wine that tastes like you, a glass that's never empty. [they kiss]
View Quote Gemma: Max Skinner's phone?
Kimberly: Hi, it's Kimberly. Is Max there?
Gemma: Just one moment. [to Max] It's Kimberly?
[Max does the "cut off" sign]
Gemma: Sorry Kimberly, Max isn't here right now.
Kimberly: Where is he?
Gemma: Max and his fiancée are at their wedding rehearsal today.
[Max gives Gemma the thumbs up]
Kimberly: Their what?
Gemma: Would you like to leave a message?
Kimberly: No I wouldn't!
View Quote Max Skinner: This place does not suit my life.
Fanny Chenal: No Max, it's your life that does not suit this place.
View Quote Uncle Henry Skinner: [bringing out two bottles of wine] I thought, as it's your last night here, it only appropriate that we open something extra special.
Young Max: [pointing to one of the bottles] Bandol.
Uncle Henry Skinner: Excellent choice. Tempier Bandol, 1969, the kind of wine that'll pickle even the toughest of men. I once saw a Castilian prizefighter collapse in a heap after drinking just a single glass. Perhaps my knee landing squarely in his testicles may have been partly to blame... What was I talking about before?
Young Max: You said the importance of a good blue suit can never be overstated.
Uncle Henry Skinner: Quite right. A blue suit is the most versatile of accoutrements. More important than the suit itself, is the man who fits it for you. Once you find a good tailor, you must never give his name away - not even under the threat of bodily harm.
View Quote Uncle Henry Skinner: Max, have I told you why I enjoy making wine so much?
Young Max: You don't make the wine, Uncle Henry - that guy Duflot does.
Uncle Henry Skinner: [reproachfully] In France it's always the landowner who makes the wine, even though he does nothing more than supervise with binoculars from the comfort of his study. No, I enjoy making wine, because this sublime nectar is quite simply incapable of lying. Picked too early, picked too late, it matters not - the wine will always whisper into your mouth with complete, unabashed honesty every time you take a sip.
View Quote [getting in the wrong side of the car] Bollocks!
View Quote [on the book "Death in Venice"] Given the title, I don't think you'll be surprised by the ending.
View Quote [To Fanny Chenal] Hello. Oh no, don't worry about me. I'm...I'm the pool man. I do this every Thursday, its just routine maintenance. Its been lovely chatting to you. And,and you are a spectacular vision... Any chance for a rope or a ladder?
View Quote Admit it, Love, this is because I wouldn't shag you at the Christmas Party, isn't it?
View Quote Boss, why do you keep calling me 'ALF?' Because, as you're an aggressive little f*ck. As your boss and genetic superior, I can call you anything I want.
View Quote Francis, I'm a banker. I have no imagination.
View Quote I shall have an Eclipse.I'm too impatient to be a wine lover.If I'm gonna get drunk, I don't want to spend all night doing it.
View Quote I would like a lifetime spent with an irrational and suspicious goddess, some short-tempered jealousy on the side, and a bottle of wine that tastes like you, a glass that's never empty.
View Quote I'll give you a tip Bert. Never pat a burning dog.