Small Soldiers

Small Soldiers quotes

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Alan Abernathy
Brick Bazooka
Butch Meathook
Gwendy Doll
Kip Killigan
Link Static
Major Chip Hazard
Multiple Characters
Nick Nitro
Phil Fimple
Stuart Abernathy

Major Chip Hazard: Sound off, soldiers!
Butch Meathook: Butch Meathook. Sniper. Lethal from any distance, sir!
Major Chip Hazard: Glad to have you on board.
Nick Nitro: Nick Nitro. Demolition is my mission.
Major Chip Hazard: Same as your father. He was a good man.
Brick Bazooka: Brick Bazooka. Artillery. Sir!
Major Chip Hazard: Save it for the enemy.
Link Static: Link Static. Communications. Awaiting a patch of orders, sir.
Kip Killigan: Kip Killigan. Sharp as a razor, sir!
Major Chip Hazard: Let me see that weapon. [grabbing Kip's gun, breaking it in half]Standard issue is insufficient.

Nick Nitro: It's...only a...flesh wound, sir.
Major Chip Hazard: At ease, soldier. You did great.
Nick Nitro: [his battery ran out]
Major Chip Hazard: We will.

Ralph, Clean Room Technician: The chips are a little sensitive to EMP.
Irwin: EMP?
Ralph, Clean Room Technician: Electomagnetic Pulse. As in the kind generated by the detonation of a nuclear device? I doubt that the toy industry has become quite that competitive.

Stuart: Alright. Suitcase. Briefcase. Keys...hey, where're my keys?
Irene: Right where you left them.
Stuart: Oh, and where did I leave them? [Irene takes the keys out of Stuart's pocket] What's wrong with me?

Stuart: But what kind of moron would put military technology in toys?
Irwin: That would be "Gizmo" over here. [pointing at Larry]

Stuart: Son, what happened here?
Alan: Nothing. Nothing happened.
Stuart: Oh, really? [and the mass of the toy boat falls out] And how do you explain this?!
Alan: [stummering] I was dusting it, and it fell over.
Stuart: Oh, you were dusting it with what? A croquet mallet?

Stuart: What are you packing, tiny?
Link Static: Packing? Packing you. [trapping Stuart in a giant net bag]

[being put into the sink razor] Surrender or DIIIIIEEEEEEEE!

[chuckling] It's alive! It's alive!

[damaged severely] There will be no mer-er-er-er-mercy.

[facing Archer] You have a lot of guts. Let's see what they really look like.

[hiding in a garbage dump] Don't worry, Archer. We was hiding.

[in the Fimples' garage] This place is a goldmine!

[launching off in a toy boat] I'm seasick already.

[looking at the Commando Elite store] We have lost the battle. We will not lose the war.