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Marge: Bart, are you drinking whiskey?
Bart: [drunk] I'm troubled.
Marge: Bart!
Bart: I promise I'll stop tomorrow.
Marge: You'll stop right now!!!
[Marge chases Bart round the room. Bart pulls out draws and jumps over the bed in an attempt to slow Marge down. He holds the whiskey flask in his mouth and tilts his head while running, eventually collapsing]
Bart: I miss Flanders. There, I said it! [passes out]

Agnes Skinner: [after Bart skateboards past her in the nude] Don't look where I'm pointing!

Ticker: Watch Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity? Wednesdays on FOX. That's right, we even advertise shows during movies now.

[the angry mob barges into the Simpson home and sees Maggie next to the stairs playing with her letter blocks]
Krusty: Teeny, take out the baby!
[Maggie smashes her empty milk bottle against the stairway and brandishes it as a weapon. Teeny flees to Krusty, who cradles him like an infant]

Homer: So long, losers!
[He jumps from treehouse into sinkhole, giving the irate mob the finger, only to realize he's too fat to sink through smoothly]
Homer: Uh-oh. [tries to dig his way deeper]
Moe: The top of his head is still showing. Claw at it!
[Random people claw at Homer's head before it disappears. Groundskeeper Willie's rake also scrapes it, and Nelson's red arrow is embedded in it (his laugh is heard too).]

No, Plopper! If you push that, Daddy will die! [Plopper pauses, then pushes the board off the windowsill, causing the Simpsons to fall to the ground. Homer lands on a red charcoal grill, and spots a shrimp among the coals.] Hey, my luck's beginning to turn!

This lake is just one piece of trash away from a toxic nightmare!

Ralph Wiggum: [after Bart goes past him in the nude on his skateboard] I like men now!

Chief Wiggum [chasing the nude Bart] Stop in the name of American squeamishness!

Nelson Muntz: [as some students from Springfield Elementary prepare to use bows to fire arrows at the Simpsons] I'm using a red arrow, so I know who I kill!

Mr. Burns: So... you want some of my electricity, do you? Well, for once the rich white man is in control! I have two buttons behind this desk: one will supply your town with power, the other releases the hounds. Reach me. Make me your brother.

Tom Hanks: This is Tom Hanks saying if you see me in person, please leave me be.

Lisa: [talking about the pollution of Lake Springfield while trying to work a faulty scissorlift] Am I getting through to anyone?
Krusty: Hell yeah! We need a new one of those things!
Mayor Quimby: All in favor of the new scissorlift say aye.
Entire Town: Aye!
Lisa: No! This lake is just one piece of trash away from a toxic nightmare! But I knew you wouldn't listen, so I took the liberty of pouring water from the lake in all your drinking glasses.
[Everyone spits out their water in disgust]
Moe: This is why we should hate kids!
Mayor Quimby: This is serious, people! No more dumping in the lake! I hereby declare a state of emergency: CODE BLACK!
[The crowd gasps]
Lenny Leonard: Black?! That's the worst color there is! [to Carl] No offense there, Carl.
Carl: [not even shaken] Nah, I get it all the time.

Marge: [looking at the 'Pig Crap' silo] Ugh, it's leaking! [drips of feces are falling from the top of the silo to the ground]
Homer: It's not leaking, it's overflowing.
Marge: He filled up the silo in just two days?!
Homer: Well, I helped.

[After the dome is placed over Springfield]
Sideshow Mel: [hitting the dome with his bone] What ruthless madmen could have done this to us?!
Russ Cargill: The United States Government. [appears on a holographic screen on the side of the dome] My name is Russ Cargill. I'm head of the EPA.
[Everyone murmurs in confusion]
Moe: The what?
Russ Cargill: The Environmental Protection Agency.
Lenny: Come again?
Russ Cargill: Look, I'm a man on a big TV! Just listen! Springfield has become...
Random Springfield Citizen: Woo! Springfield!
Russ Cargill: ...the most polluted city in the history of the planet.
Krusty: Drama queen!
Russ Cargill: To prevent your poisons from spreading, the government has sealed you all within this dome. Believe me, it's the last thing we wanted to do. I mean, I do own the company that made the dome, but that's beside the point.
Moe: What, are you telling us we're trapped like rats?!
Russ Cargill: No, rats couldn't be trapped this easily. You're trapped like... carrots.
Lisa: Wait! We couldn't be more polluted - everyone stopped dumping in the lake.
Russ Cargill: Apparently, someone didn't get the message.
Homer: [to Plopper] Act natural.
Carl: Hey, buddy, sooner or later, people are gonna come by and discover this!
Russ Cargill: You don't need to worry about that. We found a way to take you off the map.
[cuts to a man in his car with a GPS map]
GPS Voice: Coming up on your right... [Springfield is removed from the map] nothing.