Homer quotes

[flicking frantically through the Bible] This book doesn't have any answers!

[about Plopper the pig] You can't kill him if he's wearing people clothes!

[after seeing the giant glass dome being placed over Springfield] D'OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHME!!!!!

No, Plopper! If you push that, Daddy will die! [Plopper pauses, then pushes the board off the windowsill, causing the Simpsons to fall to the ground. Homer lands on a red charcoal grill, and spots a shrimp among the coals.] Hey, my luck's beginning to turn!

[attempting to reason with the mob while in a noose] The word 'apology' is tossed around a lot these days, but when it comes from in here-- [Homer motions towards his heart, and someone throws a circular saw at him] D'OH!

[trying to rejoin his family in their hideout] Guys? What's the secret knock again?

I dunno what to tell you, Marge! I don't think about things. I mean, I respect people who do, but... I just try to make the day not hurt until I get to crawl in next to you again.

[after his epiphany] That was the most incredible experience of my life! And now to find my family, save my town and drop ten pounds! Thank you, Boob Lady!

[whipping some dogs while using them for dog-sledding] Run! Run! [jumping from one slope to the other side] Jump! Jump! Land! Land! [while dogs are resting] Rest! Rest! [after stopping for the night] Now I know we've had a rough day, but I'm sure we can put all that behind us and-- [the dogs maul him] OOOOOOOOOOWW!!!!! AH! That's my whipping arm!! [the dogs abandon him] Oh, why does everything I whip leave me?

[shuffling through the snow while talking to himself] Must keep going! Must keep going! Oh, I can't, I can't keep going. Yes, you can! No, I can't! Oh, shut up! You shut up! No, you! No, you! No, you! Oh, real mature. How could you say that?!... Oh what's the point?

[sees Marge in the distance] Marge! Marge! [runs into a tree branch] Oh no, the "epiha-tree"! [to the tree] Hey, I did my best! What am I supposed to do?! [wind blows a leaf to the hole in the dome up top] But how am I supposed to get up there? [sun shines down on a motorcycle] Ohhhh... [places a dollar in a hole on the tree] Here, buy yourself something nice.

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