Producers, The (2005)

Producers, The (2005) quotes

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Carmen Ghia
Franz Liebkind
Leo Bloom
Max Bialystock
Multiple Characters
Roger De Bris

Leo, you are nervous, over-stimulated. GIVE ME THOSE FRIGGIN' BOOKS!

Well, you know what they say: "smile and the world smiles with you". (to bust) This man should be in a straightjacket!

(reading a play) As Gregor Samsa woke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a giant ****roach. (speaking) Nah, too good.

There was a time when I was young and gay...but straight. (from deleted scene, 'King of Broadway')

Today I have taken the Siegfried oath, and danced with a sailor, a cop and an extremely friendly Cherokee Indian.

I want everything I've ever seen in the movies!

[Going hysterical, and pointing at Bialystock] FAT! FAT! FAT-FAT-FATTY-FAT!!!

Mr. Bialystock, I'm afraid you've mistaken me for someone with a spine.

[Hysterical, as Bialystock is standing over him] You're gonna jump on me! You're gonna jump on me! I know you are, you're gonna jump on me and squash me like a bug!

STOP the world I wanna get on!

You were right about one thing you are a CPA, a certified public asshole!


"I'M HYSTERICAL! I'M HYSTERICAL! (Bialystock splashes him with a glass of water) ... I'M WET! I'M WET! I'M WET AND I'M HYSTERICAL! (Bialystock then slaps him) ...I'M IN PAIN! I'M IN PAIN AND I'M WET AND I'M HYSTERICAL!"

Broadway! I haven't been zis happy since we crushed Poland!

Stop moving! How can I shoot you if you keep moving?!