Producers, The (1968)

Producers, The (1968) quotes

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Franz Liebkind
Leo Bloom
Lorenzo St. DuBois
Max Bialystock
Multiple Characters
Roger De Bris

Lorenzo St. Dubois: Love, love power.
I'm talking 'bout love power
The power of a little flower.
You don't think 'bout no little flowers,
Oh no, all you think about is guns.
If everybody in the world today had a flower instead of a gun,
There would be no wars. There would be one big smell-in.
Just the flowers. Hey, man, a flower.
A flower. What you do to my flower, man?
You hurt it, like everything else.
Everything else. Flowers.
[pulls out a banana, peels it, breaks it in half, throws it away, and then sits in a corner sucking on his thumb]
Max: That's our Hitler!

Max: It's practically a love letter to Hitler!
Leo: This won't run a week.
Max: A week?! Are you nuts? This play's gotta close on Page 4.

Max: Kill the actors!
Franz: Kill the actors? I can't kill the actors. I must destroy the actors.

Max: Here's to failure
Leo: ...To failure
Drunk: Why, thank you! You're very kind!

Max: Roger, did you have a chance to read "Springtime for Hitler?"
Roger De Bris: [emerges from behind a partition wearing a dress] Remarkable, remarkable! A stunning piece of work.
Leo: [under his breath] Max... he's wearing a dress.
Max: No kidding.
Roger De Bris: Did you know, I never knew that the Third Reich meant Germany. I mean it's just drenched with historical goodies like that... Oh dear, you're staring at my dress. I should explain. We are going to the choreographer's ball tonight and there's a prize for the best costume.
Carmen Ghia: And we always win!
Roger De Bris: I don't know about tonight. I'm supposed to be the Grand Duchess Anastasia, but I think I look more like Tugboat Annie. What do you think, Mr. Bloom?
Leo: Where do you keep your wallet?

Max: Ulla! Go get car!
Ulla: Ja, ja! We go to motel?
Max: No. I go with Mr. Bloom.
Ulla: You and Mr. Bloom go to motel?
Max: No! No Motel! Get Car! Get Car!
Ulla: Get car!

Roger De Bris: Ah, Bialystock and Bloom, I presume! Heh heh, forgive the pun!
Leo: [to Max] What pun?
Max: Shut up, he thinks he's witty.

Roger De Bris: What have you done, L.S.D.?
Lorenzo St. DuBois: About six months... but I'm on probation, so it's all good, baby!
Roger De Bris: No, I mean, what do you do best?
Lorenzo St. DuBois: I can't do that here. That's why they put me away, baby!

The Landlord: 'He who signs the lease must pay rent.That's the law.
Max: Murderer! Thief! How dare you take the last penny out of a poor man's pocket?
The Landlord: I have to. I'm a landlord.
Max: [looking up] Oh, Lord, hear my plea. Destroy him; he maketh a blight on the land!
The Landlord: [looking up] Don't listen to him; he's crazy.

Ulla: Goddag på dig!
Leo: Uh, I beg your pardon?
Ulla: Goddag på dig!
Leo: Ah, gut da! Max, have you gone mad? A receptionist who can't speak English? What will people say?
Max: They'll say, "A wuma wa wa wa wa!"

[Franz Liebkind runs backstage to try to stop the play]
Stagehand: Hey, what can I do for you?
Franz Liebkind: You will please be unconscious. [hits him on the head]

[after Goebbels throws a reefer into a vase, and a large explosion occurs] They try; man, how they try!

[holding a gun to his head] Soon, I shall be with mein Führer... and Himmler. I'm coming to join you boys! [he pulls the trigger - it's out of bullets. Deeply disgusted:] Boy, when things go wrong...!

[reading post-show telegrams] "Congratulations! Hitler will run forever."

[reading the title of the play for the first time] "Springtime for Hitler" a gay romp with Adolf and Eva at Berchtesgaden... Wow...