Police Academy

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Captain Harris
Carey Mahoney
Eugene Tackleberry
Larvell Jones
Laverne Hooks
Moses Hightower

Did anyone tell you what a great tailor you have, Sir?

And that will bring him back?

Yamma, yamma, yamma, yamma, yahhhhma.

HE'S DEAD! He killed him! He killed Mickey!

Yeah, you know, flowers and shit.

Move out, maggots!

If I could rip out the belly of a yak.

You'll put it out now mister!!

It fits. The damned thing fits, and I thought there were no more spaces. Am I an idiot or what?

NO Mon, I'm hungry!

Hey! Why didn't you guys call me this weekend?

What in the hell are you doing!?!

Please don't let me! I'm so young, I'm so young! Please, God! Oh, I'll help the homeless, I'll feed the poor! I'll be so good! I mean it! I really, really mean it!


Thank you sir. I make everybody sick.