Police Academy

Police Academy quotes

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Captain Harris
Carey Mahoney
Eugene Tackleberry
Larvell Jones
Laverne Hooks
Moses Hightower

Not exactly a four star hotel, is it?

Not funny, you idiot!

Oops, I've got the wrong keys. I'll be right back.

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Please don't let me! I'm so young, I'm so young! Please, God! Oh, I'll help the homeless, I'll feed the poor! I'll be so good! I mean it! I really, really mean it!


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Thank you sir. I make everybody sick.

This is not a spawning pool!

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We believe you guys, so we wont dispute you. But if you're lying to us, we'll come back and shoot you. Word.

What about me, sir? Don't I get a car?

What in the hell are you doing!?!

Where are we, man?

Yamma, yamma, yamma, yamma, yahhhhma.