Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End quotes

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Bootstrap Bill Turner
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It's not gettin' to the land of the dead that's the problem...it's gettin' back.

Dyin' is the day worth livin' for!

Aye, we're good and lost now.[Elizabeth exclaims, "Lost?"] For sure you have to be lost to find a place what can't be found, elseways, everyone would know where it is.

Brace up yards, you cack-handed deck apes!

Kill him, he's not our man!

There's no guarantee of coming back, but passin' on - that's dead certain.

I assure you our intentions are strictly honorable.

[about Sao Feng] He's much like myself, but absent my merciful nature and sense of fair play.

Feast your eyes upon this, mateys. There is more than one way to live forever. Gents, I give you the Fountain of Youth! [Opens the charts only to find the chart torn out]...Sparrow!

[looking at the spirits of the dead in the water] I wonder what would happen if you dropped a cannonball on one of 'em.

When a man's wealth was earned by the sweat of his brow, and the strength of his back.

[repeated line] Why thank ye, Jack.

[while at the wheel of the Pearl during the maelstrom cannon battle] It be too late to alter course now mateys! [laughs wildly]

[Jack says that it's been a while] Aye, it has. Isla de Muerta, remember? You shot me.

Loose the cannons, you lazy bilge rats!