Bloopers quotes

Will: Rudder, hard port! Gather 'way, keep her trim!
Barbossa: Nay, belay that.....Do something else!
Jack: Let us not, my dear friends forget...our lines, yes? Yes, let us not forget our lines!
Jack: [After Beckett messes up his line and swears] You can't curse in a Disney film, mate. [Turns to camera] See? I told him that!
Barbossa: Calypso, I come before you as a servant, humble and contrite...[His hat flies off] You blew my hat off, you [Bleep]
Barbossa: Apologies, Your Majesty, but 'tis certain the world we know ends today and I won't be letting the likes of Beckett Cutler--Oh, say, sometimes known as Cutler Beckett!
Jack: [Warming up his voice] FuzzyWuzzywasabear! FuzzyWuzzyhadnohair!
Jack: You can have Barbossa. The belligerent homonculus and his sticky wooden friend...Eeeeeh....(Starts waving for the camera to come closer to him) *whispers* Come back...
Jack: In exchange for fair compensation...[drinks a cup of brandy] Square my debt with Jones...[Drinks the other glass] [VERY hoarsely] Guarantee my freedom? [coughs] [to crew] What's in that?!

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