Davy Jones quotes

[to Cutler Beckett] Leave, all of you! And take that infernal thing with you! I will not have it on my ship!

[to Cutler Beckett] The Dutchman sails as its Captain commands.

[repeated line] D'you fear death?

The chest, hand it over!

My freedom was forfeit long ago.

[to Calypso] My heart will always belong to you.

[after Will stabs him] Did you forget? I'm a heartless wretch!

I cannot be summoned like some mongrel pup!

[about Jack] Ha-ha-ha...Lookie here, boys! A lost bird! A lost bird that never learned to fly!

[to Jack] Your debt to me is still to be satisfied! One hundred years of servitude aboard the Dutchman... As a start!

Harridan! You'll find no mercy from me!

Ah... love! A dreadful bond! And yet.... so easily severed.

Ha! Ye afraid to get wet?

[to Norrington as he's dying] James Norrington, do you fear death? [Norrington stabs him and dies] I'll take that as a "no". [pulls Norrington's sword out of his chest] Nice sword... hmm...

Not a person, a heathen god! One that delights in cursing men with their greatest wishes, then revealing them to be hollow, and naught but ash! The world is well rid of her.

And what fate have you chosen for your captors?

Come to join my crew again, Master Turner?

You will not forestall my judgment!


Whom among you do you name as Captain?

Ten years. Ten years I devoted the duty you charged me. For ten years I looked after those who died at sea. And finally, when we could be together again...you weren't there! Why weren't you there?

I do not love you!

You were expecting me.

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