Tia Dalma quotes

[after overhearing Pintel question why she didn't just bring Jack back as she did Barbossa] Because Barbossa was only dead. Jack Sparrow is taken, body and soul, to a place not of death but punishment. De worst fate a person can bring 'pon himself... stretching on forever...dat's what awaits at Davy Jone's locker.

[to Davy Jones] 'Tis me nature. Would you love me if I was anyting but what I am?

[to Davy Jones] The Brethren Court? All of dem... the last ting they will learn in dis life is how cruel I can be.

Many tings you were, Davy Jones, but never cruel.

And what of your fate, Davy Jones?

Don't tell me you didn't enjoy it at de time.

You have corrupted your purpose and so yourself. And you did hide away what should always 'ave been mine.

I will be free and when I am, I would give you me heart and we would be together always. If only you had a heart to give.

Witty Jack... is closer dan you tink.

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