National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation

National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation quotes

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Clark Griswold
Cousin Eddie
Cousin Vicki
Ellen Griswold
Rusty Griswold

Couldn't you just roll us around on the bed again.

Holy crap, Wayne Newton's hittin' on mom!

...and he want's to enter that garden, with a knowlege, and a mulch...

Could be could be pregnant again.

Who would have thought my sister had the legs of a thoroughbred. Am I right?

This is great! They don't have any of these games at the regular casino.

[to Wayne Newton] Do you need a bodyguard? I'd die for you!

So I says to him, I said, "Get your own monkey!"

It's expensive having an entourage.

Oh, Keno! This is easy.

I'll never fly again.

No sir, I do not require them.

That's nothing, it's a...birthmark.

It's my long-life food varnish. The FDA finally approved it!

I've got news for you Clark. I haven't said yes, yet.