National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation

National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation quotes

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Clark Griswold
Cousin Eddie
Cousin Vicki
Ellen Griswold
Rusty Griswold

His name is not Papagiorgio. His name is Rusty Griswold and he's a C+ student!

Rus, don't think unnatural thoughts about your cousin.

Couldn't you just roll us around on the bed again.

I'll have some of the yellow. And don't get cheap on me.

Clark, have you ever tried to swim with the dolphins?

Lord, I hate this heat. It's not bad enough it makes your butt stick to the seat. And I want somethin' better...hey, everybody.

That's nothing, it's a...birthmark.

Hard six coming out.

It's my long-life food varnish. The FDA finally approved it!

This is great! They don't have any of these games at the regular casino.

Oh, Keno! This is easy.

I'll never fly again.

Clark, this is a family trip. Can you try to stay with the family.

Could be could be pregnant again.

You find the Clark Griswold that I married and you tell him that I'm at the Mirage!