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(Young Lancelot) Don't be afraid. I will return.

[voiceover] By 300 AD, the Roman Empire extended from Arabia to Britain; but they wanted more. More land. More people's loyalty and subservience to Rome. But no people were so important as the powerful Sarmatians to the east. Thousands died in that field. And when the smoke cleared on the fourth day, the only Sarmatian soldiers left alive were members of the decimated but legendary cavalry. The Romans, impressed by their bravery and horsemanship, spared their lives. In exchange, these warriors were incorporated into the Roman military. Better they had died that day...For the second part of the bargain they struck, indebted not only themselves...... but also their sons. And their sons' sons and so on, to serve the Roman Empire as knights.I was such a son. Our post was Britain – or at least the southern half. For the land was divided by a seventy-three mile wall, built three centuries before us, to protect the empire from the native fighters of the North. So, as our forefathers have done, we made our way and reported to our Roman commander in Britain – ancestrally named for the first, Artorius – or, Arthur.

(Young Lancelot) Father!Father... they are here.

(Young Lancelot) How long shall we be gone?

He’s called Merlin. A dark magician, some say.

Well if this woman of Gawain’s is as beautiful as he claims, I expect to be spending a lot of time at Gawain’s house. His wife will welcome the company.

(to Gawain) Wondering at your good fortune that all your children look like me.

What will you do, Arthur, when you return to your beloved Rome?

You and your God. You disturb me.

(about Rome) A breeding ground of arrogant fools?

(asking Arthur) ...And the women?

Saxons only claim what they kill.

Come. Let’s leave Roman business to Romans. (takes a sip from his goblet)

(against Roman soldier) Best of three.

When are you going to leave Bors and come home with me, huh? (tries to kiss her neck)