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Wade Gustafson

Mike Yanagita: You're such a Supa Lady!!

Scottie Lundegard: There's no ****ing way....

Mike Yanagita: Well, that's nothing compared to your accomplishments.

Jerry: Wade, have ya had a chance to think about, uh, that deal I was talkin' about, those forty acres there on Wayzata?
Wade: You told me about it.
Jerry: Yeah, you said you'd have a think about it. I understand it's a lot of money--
Wade: A heck of a lot. What'd you say you were gonna put there?
Jerry: A lot. It's a limited--
Wade: I know it's a lot.
Jerry: I mean a parking lot.
Wade: Yeah, well, seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars is a lot.
Jerry : Yeah, well, it's a chunk, but--
Wade: I used to own a lot myself way back in the late '50's. It's a lotta money.
Jerry: Yeah, well--
Wade: I thought you were gonna show it to Stan Grossman. He passes on this stuff before it gets kicked up to me.
Jerry: Well, you know Stan'll say no dice. That's why you pay him. I'm askin' you here, Wade. This could work out real good for me and Jean and Scotty.
Wade: Jean and Scotty'll never have to worry.

What do yo think they do there? They don't drink milkshakes I assure you.

Mike Yanagita: She fought real hard, Margie

Wade: Damn it! I wanna be a part of this thing!
Jerry: No, Wade! They were real clear! They said they'd call tomorrow with instructions and it's gonna be delivered by me alone!
Wade: It's my money, I'll deliver it--what do they care?
Stan Grossman: Wade's got a point there. I'll handle the call if you want, Jerry.
Jerry: No, no. See--they, no, see, they only deal with me. Ya feel this, this nervousness on the phone there, they're very-- these guys are dangerous.
Wade: All the more reason! I don't want you--with all due respect, Jerry, I don't want you mucking this up.
Jerry: The heck ya mean?
Wade: They want my money, they can deal with me. Otherwise I'm goin' to a professional. There's a million dollars here!
Jerry: No, see--
Wade: Look, Jerry, you're not sellin' me a damn car! It's my show here. That's that.
Stan Grossman: It's the way we prefer to handle it, Jerry.

Reilly Deifenbach: Mr. Lundegaard, this is Reilly Deifenbach calling from GMAC. How are you this morning?
Jerry: Yeah, real good. How you doin'?
Reilly Deifenbach: Pretty good, Mr. Lundegaard. You're damned hard to get on the phone.
Jerry: Yeah, it's pretty darned busy here, but that's the way we like it.
Reilly Deifenbach: That's for sure. Now, I just need, on these last, these financing documents you sent us, I can't read the serial numbers of the vehicles on here, so I--
Jerry: But I already got the, it's okay, the loans are in place, I already got the, the what, the--
Reilly Deifenbach: Yeah, the three hundred and twenty thousand, you got the money last month.
Jerry: Yeah, so we're all set.
Reilly Deifenbach: Yeah, but the vehicles you were borrowing on, I just can't read the serial numbers on your application. Maybe if you could just read them to me--
Jerry: But the deal's already done, I already got the money.
Reilly Deifenbach: Yeah, but we have an audit here, I just have to know that these vehicles you're financing with this money, that they really exist.
Jerry: Yeah, well, they exist all right.
Reilly Deifenbach: I'm sure they do, but I can't read their serial numbers here. So if you could read me--
Jerry: Well, but see, I don't have them in front of me. Why don't I just fax you over a copy--
Reilly Deifenbach: No. Fax is no good, that's what I have and I can't read the darn thing.
Jerry: Yeah, okay, I'll have my girl send you over a copy, then.
Reilly Deifenbach: Okay, because if I can't correlate this note with the specific vehicles, then I gotta call back that money.
Jerry: Yeah, how much money was that?
Reilly Deifenbach: Three hundred and twenty thousand. See, I gotta correlate that money with the cars it's being lent on.
Jerry: Yeah, no problem, I'll just fax that over to ya, then.
Reilly Deifenbach: No, no, fax is--
Jerry: I mean send it over. I'll shoot it right over to ya.
Reilly Deifenbach: Okay.
Jerry: Okay, real good, then.

[on the phone] Oh my. Where? Yeah? Aw geez. Okay, there in a jif. Real good, then.

I answered the darn - I'm cooperating here!

You should have seen the other guy

[Practices calling Wade] Yah, Wade, It's Jerry, I... Yah, Wade, it's, I, it's Jerry... I don't know what to do it's Jean. I don't know what to do it's my wife. I don't know what to do it's Jean. Wade, it's Jerry, I... Wade, it's Jerry! We gotta talk! Oh, geez, it's terrible... [calls the number] Yah, Wade Gustafson, please.

I'm, uh, Jerry Lundegaard.

Jerry: [answers the phone] Yeah?
Carl: All right, Jerry, I'm through ****ing around. You got the ****ing money?
Jerry: Yeah, I got the money, but, uh--
Carl: Don't you ****ing but me, Jerry. I want you with this money on the Dayton-Radisson parking ramp, top level, thirty minutes, and we'll wrap this up.
Jerry: Yeah, okay, but, uh--
Carl: You're there in thirty minutes or I find you, Jerry, and I shoot you, and I shoot your ****ing wife, and I shoot all your little ****ing children, and I shoot 'em all in the back of their little ****ing heads. Got it?
Jerry: Okay, now you stay away from Scotty now.
Carl: Got it?!
Jerry: Okay. Real good then.

[when her husband, Norm, kisses her] Ya got Arby's all over me.