Jerry: [answers the phone] Yeah?
Carl: All right, Jerry, I'm through ****ing around. You got the ****ing money?
Jerry: Yeah, I got the money, but, uh--
Carl: Don't you ****ing but me, Jerry. I want you with this money on the Dayton-Radisson parking ramp, top level, thirty minutes, and we'll wrap this up.
Jerry: Yeah, okay, but, uh--
Carl: You're there in thirty minutes or I find you, Jerry, and I shoot you, and I shoot your ****ing wife, and I shoot all your little ****ing children, and I shoot 'em all in the back of their little ****ing heads. Got it?
Jerry: Okay, now you stay away from Scotty now.
Carl: Got it?!
Jerry: Okay. Real good then.
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