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[The Joker has overpowered Detective Stephens and holds him hostage with a big shard of broken glass to his neck. The other police aim their guns at him.
Cop #3: What do you want?
Joker: [calmly] I just want my phone call.
Cop #3: [confused by the Joker's demand] All right. [throws him a cell phone]
[The Joker dials a number on the phone. Suddenly, in the holding tank, the "contusion" on the henchman's body lights up and begins ringing]
Cop #1: Is that
[The phone-triggered bomb in the henchman's stomach explodes, killing or knocking out most of the police in the room. The Joker escapes]

[The Joker interrupts the meeting of mob bosses]
Joker: [fake laughter done in a deadpan voice] Ha ha ha ha, hahaha, ha, ha, ha, oh, a-hee-hee, ha ha, oh, hee hee, hee ha, ahaha. [returns to normal voice] I thought my jokes were bad.
Gambol: Give me one reason why I shouldn't have my boy here pull your head off.
Joker: How 'bout a magic trick? [he slams a pencil into the table, point first] I'm gonna make this pencil disappear.
[Gambol's henchman tries to attack him; in one swift motion the Joker then slams the man's head into the pencil, forcing the entire pencil through his eye socket; the man falls over dead]
Joker: Ta-daa! [looks at where the pencil was with mock surprise] It''s gone! Oh, and by the way, the suit? It wasn't cheap. You ought to know, you bought it.
Gambol: That's it. [rises from his chair]
The Chechen: I want to hear, proposition.
Joker: Let's wind the clock back a year. These cops and lawyers wouldn't dare cross any of you. I mean, what happened? Did-did your balls drop off, hm? You see, a guy like me...
Gambol: A freak.
[The men in the room laugh]
Joker: ...A guy like me...look, listen, I know why you choose to have your little [clears throat] "group therapy sessions" in broad daylight, I know why you're afraid to go out at night: The Batman. See, Batman has shown Gotham your true colors. Unfortunately, Dent...he's just the beginning, and as–as for th-the television's so-called "plan", Batman has no jurisdiction. He'll find him and make him squeal. I know squealers when I see them, and...[points at the televised Lau]
The Chechen: What do you propose?
Joker: It's simple. We, uh...kill the Batman.
[Men in the room laugh again]
Sal Maroni: If it's so simple, why haven't you done it already?
Joker: If you're good at something, never do it for free.
The Chechen: So, how much you want?
Joker: [brief pause] Half.
[Once again, the men in the room laugh]
Gambol: [whispers] You're crazy.
Joker: [quickly glancing up, defensively] I'm not. No, I'm not. If we don't deal with this now, soon, uh, little–Gambol?–here won't be able to get a nickel for his grandma.
Gambol: [slams the table, and angrily rises from his seat] Enough from the clown!
Joker: Ah-ah. [rises from his seat as well, revealing grenades and explosives under his suit jacket with a string attached to his thumb] Let's not blow this out of proportion.
Gambol: You think you can steal from us and just walk away?!
Joker: [matter-of-factly] Yeah.
Gambol: I'm putting the word out: five hundred grand for this clown dead, and a million alive–so I can teach him some manners first.
Joker: Ah, uh...all right. So listen, why don't you give me a call when you want to start taking things a little more seriously? Here [pulls out a Joker playing card and shows it to everyone] Mm-hm.
[Waves his thumb as he retreats from the room]

[The Joker, dressed in a nurse uniform and wig, visits Harvey "Two-Face" in the hospital. He shoots a police officer before walking over to Harvey's bedside]
Joker: [raising the upper-half of the bed up, mutters a tune while doing so] La, de, la, de, la, de, lum [takes off his surgical mask]
[Harvey immediately becomes enraged and struggles to get out of the bed he's tied to]
Joker: [sits down by the bed, sighs and with a sympathetic tone and forced smile] Hiii. [takes off his wig as Harvey stops struggling, shaking his hair back into its messy state with his hands] You know, I don't want there to be any hard feelings between us, Harvey. When you and, uhh, Ra...
Two-Face: Rachel!
Joker: [motions his hands before him as he talks] ...Rachel were being abducted, I was sitting in Gordon's cage. Now, uh, I – I didn't rig those charges.
Two-Face: Your men, your plan.
Joker: [serious, smirks slowly] Do I really look like a guy with a plan? You know what I am? [Two-Face tries to raise his arms] I'm a dog chasing cars. I wouldn't know what to do with one if I caught it! You know...I just do things. The mob has plans. The cops have plans. Gordon's got plans. You know...they're schemers. Schemers trying to control their little worlds. I'm not a schemer. I try to show the schemers how pathetic their attempts to control things really are. So when I say... [grabs Harvey's hand, Harvey struggles a little] eh, come here. When I say that you and your girlfriend [slowly slaps Harvey's hand a couple of times] was nothing personal, you know that I'm telling the truth. [starts unstrapping Harvey's wrists from one side] It's the schemers... [goes to the other side] that put you where you are. You were a schemer. You had plans. And, uh ... [starts unstrapping Harvey's other wrist] look where that got you.
[Once Harvey's other wrist is free, he attempts to grab The Joker, the two struggling with each other until The Joker grabs a hold of Harvey's hands, moving them from side to side]
Joker: I just did what I do best. I took your little plan and [sing-song tone] I turned it on itself. [Harvey stops struggling, The Joker looking down at him] Look at what I did to this city with a few drums of gas and a couple of bullets. Hm? You know–you know what I noticed? Nobody panics when things go [does the quote-fingers] "according to plan"... even if the plan is horrifying. If tomorrow I told the press that, like, a gang-banger will get shot, or a truck load of soldiers will be blown up, nobody panics, because it's all part of the plan. But when I say that one little old mayor will die... [voice rises hysterically] well, then everyone loses their minds! [lets go of Harvey's hands and pulls out a gun, the handle facing Harvey] Introduce a little anarchy. [puts the gun into Harvey's hand, ****ing the gun] Upset the established order, then everything becomes...chaos. [guides the gun to his own forehead, smacking his lips] I'm an agent of chaos. Oh, and you know the thing about chaos? It's fair.
Two-Face: [looks down, pulls out his lucky coin with his free hand and shows the "heads" side to The Joker] You live.
Joker: Mmm-hm. [smacks lips together]
Two-Face: [turns coin around, showing the burnt, "tails" side] You die.
Joker: Hmmm, now we're talking.
[Harvey flips the coin, assuming it landed, The Joker then looks at him]

[Two-Face has kidnapped Gordon's family, and Gordon has followed them to the place where Rachel died]
Gordon: [as he walks into the building] Dent!
Two-Face: [after knocking Gordon to the ground from behind] This is where they brought her, Gordon...after your men handed her over. This is where she died.
Gordon: I know. I was here, trying to save her.
Two-Face: But you didn't!
Gordon: I couldn't!
Two-Face: Yes, you could have. If you had listened to me...if you stood up against corruption...instead of doing your deal with the devil!
Gordon: I was trying to fight the mob!
Two-Face: You wouldn't dare try to justify yourself if you knew what I lost. Have you ever had to talk to the person you love most? To tell them it's going to be all right, when you know that it's not? Well, you're about to know what it feels like, Gordon. Then you can look me in the eye and tell me you're sorry.
Gordon: [scared] You're not going to hurt my family.
Two-Face: [moving over to Gordon's wife and children with his gun out] No, just the person you love most. [points the gun at his Gordon's wife] Is it your wife?
Gordon: Put the gun down Dent! [whispers] please.
[Two-Face moves the gun to his daughter]
Gordon: [reaches towards them] Please.
[Two-Face puts the gun to Gordon's son]
Gordon: Goddamn it, will you stop pointing the gun at my family?!
Two-Face: We have a winner.
Barbara: [as Harvey grabs their son] No, Jim, stop him!
Gordon: Harvey? Harvey! [desperate] I'm sorry! For everything! Please, don't hurt my son.
Two-Face: [seems to consider it but grows angry when he hears police sirens] You brought your cops?!
Gordon: All they know is this is a situation. They don't know who or what, they're just creating a perimeter.
Two-Face: You think I want to escape from this?! There is no escape from this!
Batman: [appearing from the shadows] You don't want to hurt the boy, Harvey.
Two-Face: It's not about what I want! It's about what's fair! You thought we could be decent men in an indecent time! But you were wrong. The world is cruel. And the only morality in a cruel world...[pulls out his coin] chance. Unbiased, unprejudiced, fair. His son's got the same chance she had: 50/50.
Batman: What happened to Rachel wasn't chance. We decided to act. We three.
Two-Face: Then why was it me who was the only one who lost everything?!
Batman: [pause] It wasn't.
Two-Face: [still holding a gun to Gordon's son's head] The Joker chose me!
Batman: Because you were the best of us. He wanted to prove that even someone as good as you could fall.
Two-Face: And he was right.
Batman: You're the one pointing the gun, Harvey. So point it at the people responsible.
Two-Face: Fair enough. You first. [flips his coin, it lands "tails," he shoots Batman in the stomach as Gordon's family screams] My turn [puts the gun to his own head, flips the coin and it lands "heads" up so he points the gun at Gordon's son's head]
Gordon: Harvey, you're right. Rachel's death was my fault. Pl-Please, don't punish the boy. Please punish me.
Two-Face: [still holding the gun to the boy's head] I'm about to. Tell your boy it's going to be all right. I lied.
Gordon: [trying to calm his son] It's going to be all right, son.
[Two-Face flips the coin, but Batman tackles him over the side of the building before he can catch it, Batman saves Gordon's son but Harvey falls to the ground; Gordon runs over to the ledge where Batman is holding on to a pole with one hand and Gordon's son with the other, he pushes the boy up over the ledge and Gordon's wife runs over and hugs him, but before Gordon can help Batman, Batman loses his grip and crashes through several planks before he lands next to the motionless Harvey]
Gordon's Son: [after he follows Gordon down to where Batman lay unmoving next to Dent] Daddy! Dad, is he okay?
Gordon: [relieved as Batman slowly pulls himself up to his knees] Thank you.
Batman: You don't have to thank me. [he laborously gets to his feet in obvious pain]
Gordon: Yes, I do. [both look at Harvey's body on the ground] The Joker won. Harvey's prosecution, everything he fought for, undone. Every chance we had at fixing our city dies with Harvey's reputation. We bet it all on him. The Joker took the best of us and tore it down. People will lose hope.
Batman: They won't. [speaking tiredly through intense pain] They must never know what he did.
Gordon: Five dead, two of them cops. You can't sweep that up.
Batman: But the Joker cannot win. [kneels down next to Harvey, whose burnt left side is facing up] Gotham needs its true hero. [turns Harvey's head so that his unmarred side faces up]
Gordon: [imediately understanding, whispers] No.
Batman: [quoting Harvey Dent] "You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain." I can do those things because I'm not a hero, unlike Dent. I killed those people. That's what I can be.
Gordon: [visibly hurt at Batman willingly sacrificing himself] No, no! You can't, you're not!
Batman: I'm whatever Gotham needs me to be. [hands Gordon his radio] Call it in.
. . .
Gordon: [speaking at a memorial for Harvey with a giant picture of Dent as he was, held in the same street as Loeb's funeral] A hero. Not the hero we deserved, but the hero we needed. Nothing less than a knight...shining.
Gordon: [talking to Batman as we see him take an ax to the Bat-signal] They'll hunt you.
Batman: You'll hunt me. You'll condemn me, set the dogs on me. Because that's what needs to happen.
Batman: [talking to Gordon as we see Alfred burning Rachel's letter to Bruce] Because sometimes the truth isn't good enough. Sometimes people deserve more.
Batman: [talking to Gordon as we see Lucius typing his name into the sonar display before it self-destructs] Sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded. [Lucius smiles to himself and walks away]
Gordon's Son: [as Batman runs] Batman? Batman! [looks up to Gordon] Why is he running, Dad?
Gordon: Because we have to chase him.
Police officer: Okay, we're going in! Go, go! Move!
Gordon's Son: He didn't do anything wrong.
Gordon: [visibly shaken, but respect clearly evident on his face] Because he's the hero that Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now...[as Gordon continues, we see a wounded Batman running from the police and their dogs] we'll hunt him...[Batman reaches the Batpod and rides off]...because he can take it...because he's not a hero...[Batman is riding through the streets of Gotham on the Batpod]...he's a silent guardian, a watchful protector...a Dark Knight.
[title card appears and credits roll]

[We see Harvey Dent on the roof looking at the Batsignal with is on with his back to the camera; he turns around as Batman emerges from the shadows behind him]
Harvey Dent: [a bit sarcastically] You're a hard man to reach.
[Gordon storms onto the roof and angrily shuts off the Batsignal]
Harvey Dent: Lau's halfway to Hong Kong. If you would've asked, I could've taken his passports! I told you to keep me in the loop!
Gordon: All that was left in the vaults were marked bills! They knew we were coming! As soon as your office got involved...[Harvey cuts him off]
Harvey Dent: My office?! You're sitting down there with scum like Wuertz and Ramirez, and you're talking to...Oh yeah, Gordon. I almost had your rookie cold on a racketeering beef!
Gordon: Don't try to cloud the fact that clearly Maroni has people in your office, Dent!
Harvey: [to Batman, who has remained silent, simply watching the entire exchange] We need Lau back. But the Chinese won't extradite a national under any circumstances.
Batman: If I get him to you, can you get him to talk?
Harvey Dent: I'll get him to sing.
Gordon: We're going after the mob's life savings. Things will get ugly.
Harvey Dent: I knew the risks when I took this job, Lieutenant. [turns back to Batman] How will you get him back any...
[Batman has disappeared]
Gordon: [to a confused and slightly shocked Dent] He does that.

[After Batman asks Joker why he wants to kill him] I don't want to kill you. What would I do without you? Go back to ripping off mob dealers?, no. No, you...complete me.

[after Batman flips the truck and speeds towards the Joker who walks towards him shooting cars in the way] Come on. I want you to do it. I want you to do it. Hit me. Hit me! I want you to hit me! Come on. Do it! Hit me!

[After Batman has slammed his head into a table] Never start with the head. The victim gets all fuzzy. He can't feel the next–[Batman pounds the Joker's hand and he comically waits to register the pain] See?

[After being told he's crazy] I'm not. No, I'm not.

[After his truck has crashed] Harvey, Harvey, Harvey Dent. [pushes the unconscious (or dead) driver out of the way] Excuse me, I wanna drive. [takes the wheel]

[After the public demand the arrest of Batman] All right, then, take the Batman into custody. I am the Batman.

[Batman has agreed to take the blame for Two-Face's murders so that Harvey Dent can be remembered as a hero] He's the hero that Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now...and so we'll hunt him...because he can take it...because he's not our hero... he's a silent guardian, a watchful protector... the Dark Knight. [credits roll]

[Hanging upside down over the edge of a building] Madness, as you know, is like gravity...all it takes is a little push!

[Holding a knife to Gambol's cheek] Wanna know how I got these scars? My father was...a drinker, and a fiend. One night he goes off crazier than usual. Mommy gets the kitchen knife to defend herself; he doesn't like that. So, me watching–he takes the knife to her, laughing while he does it. He turns to me, and says..."Why so serious?" He comes at me with the knife, "Why so serious?!" He sticks the blade in my mouth, "Let's put a smile on that face!" And...[turns to look at one of Gambol's henchman who looks terrified, and then says]...why so serious?

[Holding a shotgun on the Joker] We got you, you son of a bitch.