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Angela Dodson
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Beeman: [his last lines] I know you never had much faith, John, you never had much reason to. But that doesn't mean we never had any faith... in you.

Angela Dodson: I don't believe in the devil.
John Constantine: You should. He believes in you.

Father Hennessy: Hey, John, I think I found you one.

(Mimicking John) They have the spear of destiny...

Balthazar: What are you doing?
John Constantine: I'm reading you your last rites.
Balthazar: Spare me your remedial incantations.
John Constantine: You do know what it is to truly be forgiven? To be welcomed into the Kingdom of God. Demon in heaven, I'd love to be a fly on that wall.
Balthazar: You're not a priest. You have no power.
John Constantine: Just tell me how Mammon is crossing over and you can go back to your shit hole. Okay, Bally, enjoy it. [Balthazar relents]
[after Balthazar gives him the information]
John Constantine: By the way... you have to ask for absolution to be forgiven ... asshole.

Angels and Demons can't cross over into our plane. So, instead we get what I call half-breeds. The influence peddlers. They can only whisper in our ears. A single word can give you courage, or turn your favorite pleasure into your worst nightmare. Those with the demon's touch and those part angel, living alongside us. They call it the balance. I call it hypocritical bullshit.

Heaven and hell are right here, behind every wall, every window, the world behind the world. And we're smack in the middle.

Possessed Girl: "Papatayin Natin Sila" She is speaking in Tagalog (Philippine National Language). In English: "We will kill them."

Gabriel: Son of perdition. Little horn! Swine! Most unclean!
Satan: [nostalgic] I do miss the old names.

[Constantine traps a spider under a cigarette-smoke filled glass] Welcome to my life.

[whispering into the ear of a possessed girl] This is Constantine. John Constantine, asshole.

Sonny, I've got a whole theme park full of red delights for you.

So what do you want? An extension?

Angela Dodson: My sister was murdered last night.
John Constantine: Sorry to hear.
Angela Dodson: Thanks. She jumped off the the roof of a building.
John Constantine: I thought you said she was murdered.
Angela Dodson: Yeah well, Isabel wouldn't have taken her own life.
John Constantine: Of course. What kind of mental patient kills herself? That's just crazy.

Gabriel: I shall smite thee, in His honour.
Satan: [Gabriel attempts to punch Lucifer, but is unable] Looks like someone doesn't have your back anymore.