Lucifer quotes

Sonny, I've got a whole theme park full of red delights for you.

So what do you want? An extension?

No. You will live, John Constantine. You will live. You will have the chance to prove that your soul truly belongs in hell. Oh, you will live. You will live...

(After Constantine slits his wrists and then tries to light up a cigarette) You know, if you cut too deep, you cut the tendons, finger movement goes out the window.

(After Gabriel tries and fails to strike him) Looks like somebody doesn't have your back anymore.

This world is mine, in time. You, best of all of us, Gabriel, should understand ambition.

(Mimicking John) They have the spear of destiny...

(About John cutting his wrists) I didn't think you would make the same mistake twice. And you didn't, did you?

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