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Angela Dodson
John Constantine
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[whispering into the ear of a possessed girl] This is Constantine. John Constantine, asshole.

[speaking to God] I know I'm not one of your favorites, and I'm not welcomed in your house, but I could use a little attention, please.

Gabriel: I shall smite thee, in His honour.
Satan: [Gabriel attempts to punch Lucifer, but is unable] Looks like someone doesn't have your back anymore.

John Constantine: How's the family?
Satan: Family's doing just fine. Busy, busy, busy, busy. Need a vacation.

Midnite: [to Hugh] I heard thunder last night. Must have been Satan's stomach growling.

John Constantine: I need you to leave...
Angela Dodson: Okay. [heads for her room]
John Constantine: ...the apartment.
[waits for her to leave and looks down at cat]
John Constantine: God I hate this part.

Gabriel: [holding a tommy-gun against his chest] You want revenge? Go ahead. I deserve it. Pull the trigger.
John Constantine: [takes the gun and punches Gabriel, who feels pain for the first time as a mortal] That's called pain, get used to it.
Gabriel: [smiling] You could have shot me, John. You chose a higher path.
[Constantine walks out]
Gabriel: [shouting after Constantine] Look how well you're doing!

[as Midnite holds him up against a wall] Is this neutral? Bullshit! You're the only one playing by the rules Midnite. And while you've been imitating Switzerland, people are dying. [Midnite lets him slump to the ground] Two hundred dollar shirt, by the way.

Angela Dodson: [asking Constantine to hold elevator] Hold the door, you're going down.
John Constantine: Not if I can help it.

When my sister and I were little, we'd leave messages with light and breath.

John Constantine: So when a half-breed breaks the rules, I deport their sorry asses straight back to hell. I don't get them all, but I've been hoping to get enough to ensure my... retirement.
Angela Dodson: I don't understand.
John Constantine: I'm a suicide, Angela. When I die, the rules say I've got just one place to go...
Angela Dodson: You're trying to buy your way into heaven.
John Constantine: What would YOU do if you were sentenced to a prison where half the inmates were put there by you?

No. You will live, John Constantine. You will live. You will have the chance to prove that your soul truly belongs in hell. Oh, you will live. You will live...

[flips off demon] For your boss.

This world is mine, in time. You, best of all of us, Gabriel, should understand ambition.

Angela Dodson: [Angela is about to transport into Hell via bathtub and has taken off her jacket] So, is this good, or do I have to take off the rest of my clothes?
Angela Dodson: John?
John Constantine: I'm thinking...