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The Coach

"Why?It's not in the Book of all Knowledgefulness that i'm going to cheer tomorrow?Lighten up,Merrick"

"Sorry about your guitar." [after staking a vampire with a piece of Pike's guitar]

"Merrick — you made a joke! Are you okay? I mean, do you wanna lie down? I know it hurts the first time."

"There's a small village in Hampshire, near Stonehenge..." [notices Buffy's blank look] "Near a bunch of big rocks. That's where I was born."

"Three weeks ago, all I thought about was... well, I didn't actually think about anything."

"I think I'll just hang out here. Make sure the sun comes up and everything."

"I'm leaving, man, I'm bailing town. This place has gotten way too hairy."

"What are you doing here? This is a naked place!" [when Merrick approaches her in the girls' locker room]

[Buffy just punched Merrick in the face.]
Buffy: Oh, wow. I, I never hit anybody before.
Merrick: Really? Well, you did it perfectly.
Buffy: I didn't even break a nail.

"Would I get my ass kicked if I asked you to dance?"

"You must forgive Amilyn. He tends to drool before supper."

"Hey, you missed practice again today. I think you better sit down and think about how that made me feel."

"Now, what do we say on the court? Repeat after me: 'I am a person. I have a right to the ball'."

"I don't believe this! The world is under attack by legions of the undead, and you're going to a mixer?!?"

"You ruined my new jacket!" [to henchmen] "Kill him a LOT!" [after his left arm has been torn off]