Pike quotes

"I'm leaving, man, I'm bailing town. This place has gotten way too hairy."

"Look — air!" [distracting dull-witted vampire henchmen]

"I have to fall down now."

"I think I'll just hang out here. Make sure the sun comes up and everything."

"I don't believe this! The world is under attack by legions of the undead, and you're going to a mixer?!?"

"I'm not disappointed, I'm just angry!"

"Are YOU addressing I?"

[Buffy is lying on top of him after a large leap] "What am I supposed to do, run? These guys are everywhere, and I wanna do some damage. I'm good with damage."

[sees Amilyn and Lothos with Buffy] "I know that guy. That is a bad guy. Can we go now?" {when Buffy approaches Lothos] "Does anyone here but me have a problem with this?"

"Would I get my ass kicked if I asked you to dance?"

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