Big Trouble

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Arthur Herk
Eliot Arnold
Henry Desalvo

[While approaching the annoying cigar smokers.]
Henry Desalvo: Excuse me would you mind putting out your cigars?
Bruce: Come again.
Henry Desalvo: I said would you mind putting out your cigars, please?
Bruce: Actually I would mind.
Henry Desalvo: Well you see the reason I asked is because I got a thick New York strip over there and it tastes like I'm eating a cigar.
Bruce: Well first of all Ace: You're eating a steak in a seafood restaraunt. And secondly there is no law that says we can't smoke.
Henry Desalvo: Well first of all: My name is not Ace and second of all: I am not asking you as a courtesy, it's just good manners. Now there is no law that says I can't come over here and fart on your entree, but I don't. Why? Because it isn't good manners. Now I will ask you again in the nicest way to please put out your cigars.
[Bruce blows smoke in henry's face and laughs with his friends. Henry snaps Bruce's fingers and puts out his cigar and everyone does the same.] Henry Desalvo: Thank you.
Bruce: I hope you realize you just committed assault.
Henry Desalvo: I know, I know. I remember time was you actually had to hit somebody.

Arthur Herk: Make her stop! God in heaven! Make her stop! She wants my soul!!!
Martha Stewart: Arugula! Arugula! Arrrrrrrrugula!

Eddie: Let's get the hell outta here, Snake. I think I hear one of them silent alarms.

Alan Seitz: Oh, don't worry, Ivan. It's just your foot. See, this is what we at the bureau call an extremity shot. Generally, the victim survives. They don't do so well with what we call a torso shot.
Pat Greer: So what do you think, Ivan? Would you like to experience a torso shot?

Bruce: I hope you realize you've just committed assault.
Henry Desalvo: I know, I know. Time was, you actually had to hit somebody.

Arthur Herk: [making an opinion on who might have shot his TV] I'll tell you who did it. It's probably some goddamn kids. 'Cause these goddamn kids today, they all got goddamn guns, and they're all sniffing glue!
Officer Monica Romero: Any additional insights, Mr. Herk? Any information can help us to protect you.
Arthur Herk: I seriously doubt that you or any other member of the police force in this town could protect their own dicks with both hands.
Officer Monica Romero: Thank you for that observation.

Matt Arnold: Uh, Jenny's mom opened the door, and I came running up to squirt her. And then, uh, Mrs. Herk jumped me... or jumped ON me. And, uh, and then I went down on Jenny... or I f-fell on Jenny.

[As Snake, Eddie and the kidnapped Jenny arrive at the aiport]
Eddie: Okay, we gotta pick a road. Arrivals or departures? We're arriving, but then we're departing. Which one, Snake?
Snake: What do you think?
Jenny Herk: I think you guys should turn yourselves in and plead not guilty by reason of stupidity.
Snake: [looks at the signs] Departures.

Alan Seitz: What makes you think this is the first time?
Pat Greer: Never mind which time this is. The important thing is we got those assholes trapped at the airport, and until we say further, no plane is taking off.
Officer Monica Romero: You can do that?

Special Agent Pat Greer, FBI: Oh, sure, your name is John, and you're just a hard-working, law-abiding citizen running a shithole bar where you got... no customers.

Snake: [to Puggy] Next time I see you again, you're dead.

Puggy: [Opening the movie] My name is Puggy and I live in a tree. I hope I didn't ruin anything for you.

Arthur Herk: This is my goddamn house!
Officer Monica Romero: Yes, and these are my handcuffs, and if you don't cooperate, you'll be wearing my handcuffs in your goddamn house!

Arthur Herk: [to Eliot] Now you and your shithead kid can get the hell out of here, and never come back.
Eliot Arnold: Thanks for everything.

Special Agent Alan Seitz, FBI: [Discussing a top-secret nuclear weapons decommissioning facility in Russia]: They have beautiful churches there. [The others look at him] Travel Channel.