[While approaching the annoying cigar smokers.]
Henry Desalvo: Excuse me would you mind putting out your cigars?
Bruce: Come again.
Henry Desalvo: I said would you mind putting out your cigars, please?
Bruce: Actually I would mind.
Henry Desalvo: Well you see the reason I asked is because I got a thick New York strip over there and it tastes like I'm eating a cigar.
Bruce: Well first of all Ace: You're eating a steak in a seafood restaraunt. And secondly there is no law that says we can't smoke.
Henry Desalvo: Well first of all: My name is not Ace and second of all: I am not asking you as a courtesy, it's just good manners. Now there is no law that says I can't come over here and fart on your entree, but I don't. Why? Because it isn't good manners. Now I will ask you again in the nicest way to please put out your cigars.
[Bruce blows smoke in henry's face and laughs with his friends. Henry snaps Bruce's fingers and puts out his cigar and everyone does the same.] Henry Desalvo: Thank you.
Bruce: I hope you realize you just committed assault.
Henry Desalvo: I know, I know. I remember time was you actually had to hit somebody.
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