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I didn't ask for your opinion. I asked for a toy that you don't have!

No, that's a bear in a, in a bee costume.

Gerry Fleck: She had dozens of boyfriends.
Cookie Fleck': Hundreds.
Gerry Fleck: Hundreds?
Cookie Fleck: Yeah, hundreds.
Gerry Fleck: Well, I did not know that.

I'd hate to go on a date with Judge Edie Franklin and have her judge me, that'd be no fun.

I went to one of those obedience places once... it was all going well until they spilled hot candle wax on my private parts.

We're gonna be in Philadelphia for 48 hours, how many tea services can you do?

That looks like a fast dog.

This? This is a fish. This is a fish! You know what? Just shut up.

[Yelling at the hotel maid] I know a man who has a van and he will take you back to wherever you came from!

If you're ever buying a shampoo sink go right to the Dutch. The French know nothing about shampooing.

Thanks a lot, you stupid hotel manager!