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Babs Jansen
Dean Vernon Wormer
Douglas C. Neidermeyer
Eric 'Otter' Stratton
John 'Bluto' Blutarsky
Kent 'Flounder' Dorfman
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[after the brothers have booed Kent's picture and thrown beer at it] Now wait a minute! Okay, this guy is a real zero. That's true. Think back to when you were freshmen. Boon, you had a face like a pepperoni pizza, right? And Stork here. Everybody thought that Stork was brain damaged. I myself was so obnoxious the seniors beat me up once a week. So this guy is a total loser? Let me tell you the story of another loser... [everyone starts booing and throwing beer at him]

May I have ten thousand marbles, please?

[Meeting Larry and Kent for the first time] A wimp and a blimp!

Greg, honey, is it supposed to be this soft?

This year we're going to take the bull by the balls and kick those punks off campus. The time has come for somebody to put his foot down, and that foot ... is me.

I hate those guys.

Mandy Pepperidge: Otter, don't flatter yourself. It really wasn't that great.

D-Day: We have an old saying in Delta House: don't get mad, get even.

D-Day: Ramming speed!!

Jennings: Now, what can we say of John Milton's Paradise Lost? It's a long poem, written a long time ago, and I'm sure a lot of you have difficulty understanding exactly what Milton was trying to say. Certainly we know that he was trying to describe the struggle between good and evil, right? Okay. The most intriguing character, as we all know from our reading, was...Satan. Now was Milton trying to tell us that being bad was more fun than being good? [no response] OK, don't write this down, but I find Milton probably as boring as you find Milton. Mrs. Milton found him boring too. He's a little bit long-winded, he doesn't translate very well into our generation, and his jokes are terrible. [Bell rings, students rise to leave] But that doesn't relieve you of your responsibility for this material. Now I'm waiting for reports from some of you... Listen, I'm not joking. This is my job!

Neidermeyer: Hi there, fellows. Meet Ken and Lonny.
Larry: Larry.
Neidermeyer: Ken, Lonny, l'd like you to meet Mohammet Jugdish, Sidney and Clayton. Grab a seat and make yourselves at home. Don't be shy about helping yourselves to punch and cookies.

Greg: I'm not going to say Omega's the best house on campus, but a lot of outstanding guys figure they'll pledge Omega or won't pledge at all. We do have more than our share of campus leaders, something that never looks bad on your permanent record.
Chip: Sure. Everybody says Omega's the best, but I hate to know, pushy.
Greg: Let the unacceptable candidates worry about that, because after tonight, they're....

Hoover: Kent is a legacy, Otter. His brother was a '59, Fred Dorfman.
Flounder: He said legacies usually get asked to pledge automatically.
Otter: Oh, well, usually. Unless the pledge in question turns out to be a real closet-case.
Otter & Boon: Like Fred.

Bluto: Kroger, your Delta Tau Chi name is Pinto.
Larry: Why Pinto?
Bluto: [burps] Why not?
Kent: What's my Delta Tau Chi name?
Bluto: Dorfman, l've given this a lot of thought. From now on...your name is Flounder.

Neidermeyer: We now consecrate the bond of obedience. Assume the position.
[Hits Chip with a paddle]
Chip: Thank you, sir. May I have another?