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Bartleby Gaines
Ben Lewis
Freaky Guy
Sherman Schrader

Some political crap, I got a 0 on my SAT's!

This kitchen is bitchin'.

[asking his friends to think up of classes they can offer]
Bartleby: Alright, Schrader. What about you?
Schrader: Well, B, I'm glad you asked that, actually, cuz since we're going to prison, I want to learn how to carve a shank out of my toothbrush.

I'm gonna go enjoy my wad now, okay?

Oh look, there's my old girlfriend Sarah Pelfann. [yells to Sarah] You broke my heart!

[dressed in a hotdog costume, chasing after a student] Hey, ask me about my wiener!

I had it all planned! It was perfect B, perfect! And no it's nothing! Nada! It's a goose egg! (Goes over to a table and drinks a whole glass of wine) College is for pussies!

[holding a strawberry] What are you!

Want a Glen Wad?

I want to learn how to blow shit up with my mind

I need a rabbi in here to bless these chickens. Tomorrow, we're going kosher.

This place is awesome, now I can finally get hepatitis.

[looking at the mascot] A sandwich? Oh, you're the SHIT sandwiches!

The "Roaring Twenties" is BKE's biggest party of the year and we're recreating the scene from "The Untouchables" where Hoyt, as Bobby De Niro, crushes my skull with a baseball bat.

I got fired by making a shrimp slushy. (Was asked why he did that) I was hungry and thristy at the same time.