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Zero Day

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Andre Kriegman
Andre's Father
Calvin Gabriel

View Quote Andre: [as police arrive] Look out the window. That is a lotta ****in' cops. C'mon, let's go get a couple.
Cal: No.
Andre: C'mon, let's go!
Cal: I'm done.
Andre: Why- how are you done?
Cal: Andre, you're done.
Andre: I'm not- I don't- I'm not done.
Cal: It's all right, we'll just... would you rather get shot by the cops, or, by yourself?
Andre: Guess you're right.
Cal: You guess or you know?
Andre: I know. You're right.
[After loading their weapons, Andre and Cal kneel side by side.]
Cal: One, two-
Andre: Wait. I can't do it. I just can't do it.
Cal: Andre-
Andre: I can't do it.
Cal: You don't have to think about it.
[They argue for a few minutes, then agree to fire upon counting to three.]
Andre: One, two, three-
[Andre and Cal fire, one just after the other]
View Quote Cal: Andre's the violent one.
Rachel: I just heard you say Andre's violent.
Cal: I didn't say that. He's not violent, either.
Rachel: I don't know. Sometimes, the way he talks about people, and the way he interacts with everyone, is a little-
Cal: You mean, like, you?
Rachel: Not me all the time, he's just a little off beat, a little strange.
Cal: What, do you think he's a bad influence on me, Mom? I mean, he doesn't like you either, so it's okay.
Rachel: That's all right, I don't really mind that much. It's just that- I don't know. You hang out with him a lot, and I just don't want you- becoming like him.
Cal: Why? What do you think is "him"?
Rachel: He has a lot of anger.
Cal: Problems, or just anger in general?
Rachel: Well, he probably has anger because he has problems that I don't know about, you know?
Cal: He doesn't- his dad doesn't beat him, or anything like that.
Rachel: Like, I'm your friend and all, and he's your friend. So he should at least try and be semi-courteous to me, but he's really not.
Cal: He's a dick?
Rachel: Yeah, a lot of the time.
Cal: I guess I just never conflict with him. Who would you consider the leader of the Andre-Cal Army of Two? Is it me or Andre?
Rachel: Andre.
Cal: You think it's Andre?
Rachel: I-I don't know. When you're with him, you're just- you're different than you are now.
Cal: How am I now?
Rachel: Now, you're the Cal that I've known for a really long time. And when you're with him, you're, like, Andre Number Two.
Cal: Wait, why do you think that? I'm not the- he's not Cal Number Two and I'm Cal Number One. How do you know he isn't copying off, my style, yo?
Rachel: [Laughs] Unless you have some kind of evil locked inside that I've never seen before-
Cal: Oh, I lock inside. Nobody sees it. I keep it from everyone.
View Quote Cal: You know, in medieval times, if someone insulted you, you took your sword out, and you dueled them, and you killed them.
Andre: And make no mistake, we've been insulted. Now it's time for the duel.
View Quote [During the shooting, Andre and Cal find another student hiding behind a couch]
Andre: It's Greg! Greg, sit down, man! Relax.
Greg: Please don't hurt me, sir!
Andre: [laughs] Sir! I like that.
Cal: [chuckles] He called you sir!
Andre: I can't kill you; you're too pathetic. [starts to walk away] You're gonna live today, man. You're gonna live!
[Cal starts to follow Andre, then suddenly turns and shoots Greg several times. Andre shrugs.]
View Quote [Just before Andre and Cal head into the school]
Andre: Dude, I want you to know, like- I couldn't have done this with anyone else. Like, I don't know what would've happened to me if-if we hadn't been friends.
Cal: I don't think that, uh, I could've done this with anyone else, either.
Andre: [After a brief pause] Ready?
Cal: Aim.
Andre: Let's get this shit done. Let's kick the tires and light the fires.
View Quote If you think about it, anybody who's done anything like this in the past has had a website up, or they've done something stupid to attract attention to themselves- mostly that's all they wanted, was attention. We're not like that.
View Quote Life isn't fair, so we gotta even the score a little.
View Quote Live fast, live hard, and die by any combination of those two.
View Quote We acted alone. We obtained the weapons alone. And nobody knew that we were going to do this.
View Quote We're not trying to waste anyone's lives. We're trying to make people realize what they should value.
View Quote When our parents find these tapes, they're gonna think, "Oh, they were right down there in the basement. We could've known, we could've stopped them." It's not your fault, we love you. Could you blame anyone for not noticing? I mean, who's gonna want to think their brother, their son, their student, their employee, their peer- is gonna do something like this? There are no reasons and you're all gonna look for 'em but you're not gonna find 'em!
View Quote You know, I hate to be the guy to break it to you, on the eighteenth birthday of all days, but, life isn't always fair, you know?