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Your Highness

Your Highness quotes

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View Quote Thadeous: I'm sick and tired of everyone sucking up on your tits because you are to become King. All the while no one gives two turtle shits about me.
Fabious: Thady, first borns like me become King. Second borns, well, you can be whatever you want to be.
Thadeous: I want to be King.
Fabious: Maybe we can both be King.
Thadeous: No, I want to be King by myself.
View Quote Thadeous: Not so fast, trickster.
Isabel: Hello, Thadeous.
Thadeous: The time for pleasantries is through; do you feel that tiny prick in your back?
Isabel: Is that your ****?
Thadeous: Ha! No, Tis a knife but I'll gladly penetrate you with it.
View Quote Thadeous: So, who were those handsome men you were talking to?
Isabel: My contacts.
Thadeous: Hm. By contacts do you mean men you trick into liking you so you can **** them over?
View Quote Wizard: Breathe deeply of these herbs and share a vision with me.
Thadeous: Yes, allow me to puff as well.
Fabious: These are some powerful herbs. Giving me dark visions.
Thadeous: Shall we pack this again? I'm not getting visions, I'm not sure if it's working, Wizard.
Fabious: Thadeous, are you seeing what I'm seeing?
Thadeous: You making a fool of yourself. Handle your shit, Fabious.
View Quote Wizard: Come, come. Give me kisses.
[Fabious kisses the wizard]
Fabious: [to Thadeous] Kiss him.
Thadeous: ****, no.
Wizard: Pretty please?
Fabious: Kiss him on the mouth. Part of the quest. I do it every time I come.
View Quote Wizard: Not so fast. First, you must answer a riddle. What journey be long and twisted and sensitive at hand. To what end must man go to discover the depths of his ecstasy? Think hard strong warriors.
Fabious: ****, I know this. I've got it! You want us to twist what is long with our sensitive hands.
Thadeous: He wants us to jerk him off.
View Quote Wizard: Sit, sit. Fabious has been coming here since he was a boy.
Thadeous: You did this when you were a child?
Fabious: Yes. We had great times, didn't we?
Wizard: Yes, yes, we did.
Thadeous: You would kiss him?
Fabious: Sometimes we would do other things.
Thadeous: Like what?
Fabious: When I was younger we'd take our shirts off and jump on the bed.
Wizard: Playful secrets.
View Quote Eugh. Leezar wants to make love to Belladonna to create a dragon. That's ****ing disgusting.
View Quote Ew. Julie has no dick.
View Quote Guess what, I despise you. You're a bully and a whore.
View Quote I don't like this. Courtney, will you make funny faces to entertain me. [laughs] No! Never triangle face! I hate triangle face! It scares me.
View Quote I have heard that your Prince Fabious has made his bed recklessly with many maidens. And I heard that he has fungi on his genitalia as a result. Also, he organises orgies with wenches and barbarians alike and he takes sperm on him and gives it to women freely, spilling his seed will nilly as he makes his way through the orgy.
View Quote Isn't that amazing how he can talk and suck my **** at the same exact time.
View Quote May we take pause for one moment? Look at courtney's new haircut, doesn't it make his head look like the tip of a penis? It's hilarious.
View Quote Please, these allegations, they're being greatly exaggerated. It was more or less just heavy petting with a brief moment of penetration.