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Multiple Characters quotes

View Quote Blue Meanie: Are you, uhh... blueish? You don't look blueish...
View Quote Max: Here, Your Blueness... have some nasty medicine!
View Quote [The Beatles approach a small creature furiously typing away.]
Paul: Let us show him our motor!
John: Steady on! I mean, you don't want to be showing your motor to just anybody!
George: Yeah, but this is a nobody.
. . .
Jeremy: Ad hoc, ad loc, and quid pro quo! So little time — ha ha! — so much to know!
John: Well, can you tell us where we're at?
Jeremy: A true Socratic query, that!
John: Oh yeah, and who the Billy Shears are you?
Jeremy: Who? Ah, who indeed am I?
[Jeremy hands out some business cards.]
John: Jeremy…
Paul: Hilary…
George: Boob…?
[Ringo's card says Ph. D.]
Ringo: Phuddt!
All: Who?
Jeremy: Eminent physicist, polyglot cladicist, prize-winning botanist, hard-biting satirist, talented pianist. Good dentist, too! Ha-ha!
John: Lousy poet.
Jeremy: Critic's voice — take your choice!
View Quote Jeremy: I must complete my bust, two novels, finish my blueprint, begin my beguine.
John: Hey, Jeremy, must you always talk in rhyme?
Jeremy: Ha-ha! If I spoke prose, you'd all find out, I don't know what I talk about!
View Quote Ringo: I wonder what would happen if I pull this lever.
Young Fred: You musn't do that!
Ringo: I can't help it, I'm a born Liver-pooler.[2]
View Quote John: Well fellas, now Ringo's gone. What should we do?
Old Fred: Learn to sing trios.
Paul: Nah, let's save the poor devil.
View Quote John: Hey Ringo, I just had the strangest dream.
Ringo: I warned you not to eat on an empty stomach.
View Quote [A boxing monster sees the submarine and is about to attack]
George: Hey, it's seen us!
John: Find the boxing button!
Paul: Whoever heard of a boxing button?!
George: Who cares? Find one!
View Quote Ringo: Jeremy! Can it be you?
Jeremy: Can it be me? I think you'd better inquire of the guards, for when I was captured, they took all my cards!
View Quote Mayor: Your Faces!
Paul: We're quite cute, really.
View Quote George: Is that the motor?
Fred: Can't you tell one when you see one?
George: Course I can. Let me peruze it. [places his finger on a part of the motor zapping him; he removes his finger from the motor]
John: What do you think?
George: I think I burned me finger.
View Quote Chief: It's no longer a blue world, Max. Where could we go?
Max: Argentina?
View Quote Chief Meanie: Pepperland is a tickle of joy on the blue belly of the universe. It must be scratched. Right, Max?
Max: Yes, Your Blueness.
Chief Meanie: WHAT? We Meanies only take "no" for an answer! Is that understood, Max?
Max: No, Your Blueness!
Chief Meanie: That's better.
View Quote Chief Meanie: Ahh...the hills are alive.
Max: [singing] With the Sound of Music! [gets punched]
View Quote Chief Meanie: [softly] Glove? Glove? Come here, Glove. Look out there and what do you see? [aggressively] Tell him, Max.
Max: [Young Fred is running away] Someone running, Glove.
Chief Meanie: Yes...but you'll soon put a stop to that, won't you, Glovesy? Go, Glove; point and - having pointed - pounce! GO!
View Quote Young Fred: Oh! Frankenstein!
Ringo: Yeah, I used to go out with his sister.
Young Fred: His sister?
Ringo: Yeah, Phyllis.
View Quote Young Fred: Now whatever you do, don't touch that button!
'Ringo: Which button?
Young Fred: That one.
Ringo: This button? [presses the button and is ejected] Aaaahhhhh!
Young Fred: That was the panic button.
View Quote Paul: Look, it's a school of whales.
Ringo: They look a little bit old for school.
Paul: University then.
Ringo: University of whales.
John: They look like drop-outs to me.
View Quote John: It's blue glass.
George: Must be from Kentucky, then.
View Quote Young Fred: Help! Help! Help!
Ringo: No thanks, don't need any.
Young Fred: Won't you please, please help me!
View Quote John: Move over, I'm driving.
George: No, I got here first.
John:I'll drive if you like...
George: No, you sit in the middle.
Ringo: No, I'm sitting in the middle.
John: You said you were driving.
Ringo: I am driving.
George: I'll get in the back, then. [they drive off the screen] [CRASH!]
View Quote [opening a door to find King Kong abducting a woman]
George: Do you think we're interrupting something?
John: I think so.
View Quote [being swallowed by the vacuum monster]
John: The monster's packing in!
Young Fred: By all the sea nymphets! We're losing power!
George: We're being swallowed!
Paul: What should we do?
John: Serve tea?
Paul: Lovely.
View Quote Paul: Groovy! How do you start this thing?
Young Fred: She starts with a Blue Meanie attack.
John: Well... supposing there are no Blue Meanies in the neighbourhood?
Young Fred: Oh, well, then you, um, start looking for a switch.
View Quote John: Hey, Jeremy, what do you know about holes?
Jeremy: There are simply no holes in my education.
Paul: You mean you haven't composed a "hole" book?
View Quote George: Hey! There's a Cyclops!
Paul: Can't be. It's got two eyes.
John: Must be a "bicycle-ops" then.
Ringo: There's another one.
John: A whole "'cyclopedia"!
View Quote Young Fred: All right then. Let's get this vessel shipshape.
Ringo: I kind of like it the way it is. Submarine shape.
View Quote Paul: Shhh!
George: What did you say?
Paul: Shhh!
George: Good plan.
View Quote Lord Mayor: Four scores and 32 bars ago, our four fathers
Young Fred: A quartet?
Lord Mayor: And four mothers
Young Fred: A Mother quartet?
Lord Mayor: Made their way in this yellow submarine...
Young Fred: What, that little thing?
Lord Mayor: Pepperland.
[The Beatles are shown as their live action selves, after It's All Too Much ends.]
Paul: Catchy tune, that.
Ringo: I can't seem to get it out of my head.
George: Well shake it!
Ringo: That's what we've been doing all night.
George: Oh?
Paul: Yeah, it was a great party.
George: And we brought back lots of lovely souvenirs. [takes out a kite string with a wind-up mistaken for a motor] Here's the motor.
Paul: And I've got a! [the word "love" comes out of his hand]
Ringo: And I've got a hole in my pocket [takes out a fake hole from his pocket]
Paul: A hole?
Ringo: [throws down hole] Well, half a hole anyway. I gave the rest to Jeremy.
George: What can he do with half a hole?
Paul: Fix it to keep his mind from wandering! Ha ha!
Ringo: [noticing John looking through a spyglass] Hey! Look at John, will ya?
Paul: What's the matter, John love? Blue Meanies?
John: Newer and bluer meanies have been sighted within the vicinity of this theater! There's only one way to go out.
George: How's that?
John: Singing!
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