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[As Yukio drives off with Logan, he tried to adjust his seat.]
Yukio: Sorry, it's a rental.
Logan: [turns to Yukio] Who are you?
Yukio: Me? I'm Yukio.
Logan: And?
Yukio: I've been trying to find you for over a year.
Logan: Why?
Yukio: To give you that. [shows him the samurai sword that was placed at the backseat] My employer wanted you to have it.
Logan: Who's your employer?
Yukio: Master Yashida. [talks as Logan touches the sword and sees a file about him.] He said it belongs to you and that he's paying old debts. Master Yashida is dying, he wants to say thank you for saving his life all those years ago. He knows that you are a...busy man, but he very much wants to say his goodbye in person.
Logan: Alright, where is he?
Yukio: Tokyo.
Logan: We're not going to Japan.
Yukio: It would be dishonorable for you to refuse his request.
Logan: Well, apologize to Mr. Yashida. I'm not going to Tokyo. Alright? I got things to do.
Yukio: Do not apologize, it's been an honor just to meet the Wolverine.
Logan: That's not who I am anymore, do you understand?
Yukio: [appalled] Interesting. Why did you go into the bar if not to seek justice?
Logan: I don't know.
Yukio: You don't know?
Logan: No!
Yukio: I think you know.
Logan: Pull over.
Yukio: You are a soldier.
Logan: No, I'm not. Pull over.
Yukio: You are a soldier.
Logan: Pull over, now! Now.
[Yukio pulls the car over and stops]
Yukio: You are a soldier, and you seek what all soldiers do.
Logan: And what's that?
Yukio: An honorable death, an end to your pain.
Logan: Who says I'm in pain?
Yukio: A man who has nightmares every night of his life is in pain.
Logan: [looks at the police car passing by before he turns back to Yukio; after a long pause] One day. We say goodbye to Mr. Yashida and come right back.
Yukio: [smiles and nods her head] Okay.
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