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The Wolverine

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Logan / Wolverine
Mariko Yashida

View Quote Jean Grey: [voice-over] Wake up, wake up, wake up. [Logan awakes turns and sees Jean Grey in bed next to him.] Where were you?
Logan: I don't know. Nagasaki.
Jean: That's far back. [starts kissing his shoulder]
Logan: You're here?
Jean: Of course.
Logan: Can you stay?
Jean: You know I can't.
Logan: Oh, Jean. I'm so sorry.
Jean: I know.
Logan: I'll never hurt you or anyone, ever again. I made a vow.
Jean: A solemn vow?
Logan: You're making fun of me.
Jean Grey: [leans in close to Logan and whispers] It's too late.
Logan: [looks down and sees his claws inserted in Jean's stomach with blood pouring out] No! [takes his claws out of her stomach] No, Jean! [tried to stop her bleeding] No, no, no! Don't, please!
Grey: [glares at Logan] You can't hide.
Logan: No, no, no!
Grey: [in a frightening voice] You can't hide.
Logan: No, Jean! NO! [awakes.]
View Quote Logan: I'm gonna get her.
Harada: We are grateful for your protection of Mariko. But there is one more sacrifice you must make for her family.
Logan: Go **** yourself, pretty boy!
View Quote Logan: You the one who was attacked by the grizzly?
Red Beard: I'm the one that survived.
Logan: I'd like to buy this man a drink.
Red Beard: What's your name, mister?
[Logan pins the man's hand to the bar with an arrow]
Logan: It's Logan. And that's a poison broadhead, which, last I heard, was illegal. Go ahead, ask me where I found it. Ask me.
Red Beard: [in agony] Where did you find it?
Logan: Well, funny you should ask. I pulled it out of the back of a grizzly. Whoever shot it didn't have the wind or the balls to track the animal properly and put it out of its misery. Instead of dropping a lethal dose of the poison, it bled into the bear, made him crazy. Killed five people.
Red Beard: I don't know what you're talking about! Because I don't dip my arrows in anything!
Logan: In that case, you got nothing to worry about.
View Quote Mariko: Am I wrong to think you might visit me soon?
[Logan stares at her in a moment and kisses her]
Mariko: Stay.
Logan: I can't, princess. I'm a soldier and I've been hiding too long.
View Quote Yukio: All I can see is one part of a person's life... their death. And I saw yours?
Logan: So what did you see?
Yukio: I see you on your back. There's blood everywhere. You're holding your own heart in your hand. It's not beating.
Logan: I don't have time for this shit.
View Quote [After Yukio wraps Viper's neck with the cable.]
Viper: Now you die!
Yukio: Today is not my day. [dodges Viper's attempts to incapacitate him then wraps cable on the pipe and drops an elevator down, snapping Viper's neck]
View Quote [As Yukio drives off with Logan, he tried to adjust his seat.]
Yukio: Sorry, it's a rental.
Logan: [turns to Yukio] Who are you?
Yukio: Me? I'm Yukio.
Logan: And?
Yukio: I've been trying to find you for over a year.
Logan: Why?
Yukio: To give you that. [shows him the samurai sword that was placed at the backseat] My employer wanted you to have it.
Logan: Who's your employer?
Yukio: Master Yashida. [talks as Logan touches the sword and sees a file about him.] He said it belongs to you and that he's paying old debts. Master Yashida is dying, he wants to say thank you for saving his life all those years ago. He knows that you are a...busy man, but he very much wants to say his goodbye in person.
Logan: Alright, where is he?
Yukio: Tokyo.
Logan: We're not going to Japan.
Yukio: It would be dishonorable for you to refuse his request.
Logan: Well, apologize to Mr. Yashida. I'm not going to Tokyo. Alright? I got things to do.
Yukio: Do not apologize, it's been an honor just to meet the Wolverine.
Logan: That's not who I am anymore, do you understand?
Yukio: [appalled] Interesting. Why did you go into the bar if not to seek justice?
Logan: I don't know.
Yukio: You don't know?
Logan: No!
Yukio: I think you know.
Logan: Pull over.
Yukio: You are a soldier.
Logan: No, I'm not. Pull over.
Yukio: You are a soldier.
Logan: Pull over, now! Now.
[Yukio pulls the car over and stops]
Yukio: You are a soldier, and you seek what all soldiers do.
Logan: And what's that?
Yukio: An honorable death, an end to your pain.
Logan: Who says I'm in pain?
Yukio: A man who has nightmares every night of his life is in pain.
Logan: [looks at the police car passing by before he turns back to Yukio; after a long pause] One day. We say goodbye to Mr. Yashida and come right back.
Yukio: [smiles and nods her head] Okay.
View Quote [In his final hallucination with Jean]
Jean Grey: You're here.
Logan: Of course.
Jean Grey: Can you stay?
Logan: I can't.
Jean Grey: Yes, you can. This is what you wanted.
Logan: Not anymore.
Jean Grey: I'm all alone here. You put me here.
Logan: You were hurting people, Jean. I had to.
[Jean rises up from bed and began to walk away.]
Logan: I love you, Jean.
[Jean stops and turns to Logan]
Logan: I always will.
[Jean smiles as she walks through the door]
View Quote [In the plane]
Yukio: So, have you decided?
Logan: What?
Yukio: Mariko said we can go where ever we want. Just say "where?". [takes her seat opposite the aisle to Logan]
Logan: What are you doing?
Yukio: [places her luggage next to her] I'm your bodyguard. [Asks Logan as he looks out the window again] So, where do you wanna go?
Logan: Ugh... Um, Let's go start with "up".
Yukio: And then?
Logan: [turns to Yukio] We'll see.
Yukio: [smiles] Interesting.
View Quote [Logan has stabbed Yashida in the chest]
Logan: You asked me to come say goodbye? Sayonara! [Throws Yashida off a cliff to his death]
View Quote [Mariko Yashida and Logan bless their food but Logan gets the word wrong. He then he places his chopsticks in his food. Mariko takes them out of the food and places them on the table]
Mariko: Chopsticks upright are a bad omen. They resemble the incense at a funeral. Nothing is without meaning.
[Logan and Mariko start to eat]
Logan: So the other night at the house, when you uh...ran out in the rain, what did mean?
Mariko: My grandfather was dying.
Logan: You knew he was gonna die, been sick for a long time.
Mariko: It wasn't his death I feared.
Logan: What then? [Mariko doesn't reply] What did he tell you that night? [Mariko still doesn't reply] Mariko, why did your father hit you?
Mariko: I was trying to warn him.
Logan: About what? What did your grandfather tell you?
Mariko: He told me... that in three days, when they read his will I will become the most powerful person in Japan. He gave it all to me.
Logan: The company?
Mariko: [nods her head] I didn't want it. He knew that. I don't understand why he gave it to me. It was all my father dreamed of.
Logan: And that's why. What about this fiancé of yours, Nostromo?
Mariko: Noburo.
Logan: Does he know about this?
Mariko: No.
Logan: Why are you marrying him? He seems like kind of an asshole.
Mariko: My father arranged it, last year.
Logan: What?
Mariko: It gives him better access to the political theater. To disobey my father would be to dishonor him. I don't expect you to understand. [Mariko takes the chopsticks, whom Logan had placed in again, out of his meal.] You are not Japanese. [eats her food]
View Quote [Shingen has just impaled Logan with his katana, to no effect]
Shingen: What kind of monster are you?!
Logan: The Wolverine. [Stabs Shingen through the throat, killing him]
View Quote [Two years later, Logan returns to America and arrives at the airport. He sees the overhead TV showing commercial for Trask Industries, then arrives at the podium.]
Logan: I'll take the pat down.
Attendant: [to his colleagues] Opt out.
[Suddenly, Logan sees the coins and all metal objects in one of the X-ray machine tray begin to shake and float. He notices someone is behind him.]'
Attendant: [to Magneto] You can go ahead, sir.
Magneto: I'll wait.
Logan: [recognizes Magneto, draws his bone claws, but Magneto stops him from attacking] What do you want?!
Magneto: There are dark forces, Wolverine. Evil forces, building a weapon that could bring about the end of our kind. What I want,... I want your help.
[A security guard and the people in the airport suddenly freezes.]'
Logan: Why would I trust you?
Magneto: You wouldn't.
[Logan lowers his defenses and heard a sound of a wheelchair weaving. He turns and find Charles Xavier, who was alive, arrives.]
Professor Charles Xavier: Hello, Logan.
Logan: [stunned] How is it possible?
Xavier: As I told you a long time ago, you're not the only one with gifts. [looks behind Logan at Magneto as Logan looks at both of them.]
View Quote [rescuing Young Yashida] That was a B-29, bub. There's no outrunning what's coming. You're better off down here. I'd hurry if I were you.
View Quote When I was a little girl, I had nightmares. I'd wake up and run to my parents. My father would get angry. "Go back to bed. Face your fears." My grandfather was different. He told me stories about Kuzuri, his friend. Who he met at the bottom of a well. He said the Kuzuri was magical and saved his life. He said Kuzuri would save me, too, as I slept in my bed.