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Jordan: Well, you know, when you sail on a boat fit for a Bond villain, sometimes you need to play the part. [Pauses] I think it's time you both get the **** off my boat. Whaddya say?
Denham: You know, Jordan, I'll tell you something. Most of the Wall Street jackasses that I bust... They're to the manor born. Their fathers are douchebags, just like their fathers before them. But you, you, Jordan, you got this way all on your own.
Jordan: Did I?
Denham: Good for you, little man.
Jordan: Little man? [Laughing] Me, the little man?
Denham: Let me tell you something else. Honestly, I'm not bullshitting here, this is one of the nicest boats that I've ever been on. I gotta tell you.
Jordan: I bet it is.
Denham: And you wanna know what I was just thinking too? The ****ing hero I'm gonna be back at the office when the Bureau seizes this ****ing boat. Because, I mean, ****ety **** ****, Jordan, look at this thing! It's beautiful! And you got the beautiful girls there. It's wonderful.
Jordan: [laughing] All right, get the **** off my boat.
Denham: [Getting up to leave] I'm sure we'll be seeing each other real soon.
Jordan: I'm sure. Good luck on that subway ride home to your miserable ugly ****in' wives. I'm gonna have Heidi lick some caviar off my balls in the meantime. Hey, you guys wanna take some lobsters for your ride home? [Picks up a pair of lobsters and throws them after the two agents] ****in' miserable pricks, I know you can't afford them! ****in' cheap ****s!

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