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[Casey and Scottie P. are about to leave]
Rose: Wait a second, hold on come here. I'd like to have a little chat with your friend
Casey: Are you kidding me?
Rose: I am not kidding you. Would you please have a seat?
Casey: What is going on?
Rose: So, Scottie P., what exactly do you for a living?
Casey: Oh, Mom!
Scottie P.: I work for P&J Amusements. I maintain the monkey maze, if you know what I'm saying.
David: What the hell is a monkey maze?
Scottie P.: Oh, it's like terrifying death trap, but, for little kids.
David: Hey, thats are some cool tats, man.
Scottie P.: Ah, for real, thanks bro. You see the cobra?
David: What is these one? Whats the one right there?
Scottie P.: Oh, these, thats my credo. [Pulls down shirt collar to reveal "NO RAGRETS"]
David: No regrets; How 'bout that you have no regrets?
Casey: Dad... [Casey flips off both David and Rose behind Scottie P.'s back with both hand]
Scottie P.: No. Not one.
David: Like not even single letter?
Scottie P.: No way... uh huh, at least, not me [laughs].
Casey: Dad... I love him.
David: I think he's great. I think he's real winner Casey. If I were you, I wouldn't use protection, have fun. Scottie P. you're the man [High fives him]
Scottie P.: Yeah? For real. Nice meeting you man. Alright, you too. [Casey gets on Scottie P.'s motorcycle and he speeds off, narrowly missing people on the campsite]
David: [To Rose] Come on, she'll gonna be fine. Tattooed kid on a motorcycle, no helmet. Actually, she might already be pregnant.

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