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[Kenny has accidentally hit Casey in the face and Rose in the breast]
Rose: Don't think that you could ever...
David: Whoa whoa whoa, family meeting, lets go, get in the back go.
[David starts herding Kenny, Casey and Rose to the back of the plane]
Kenny: I didn't mean to hit her.
David: I don't care.
Casey: He hit me in the ****ing face sir,
David: Are you from Mars? No one wants to hear it. [In the plane galley] What the ****?! Are you kidding me with this shit!
Casey: Relax, Dorothy, Jesus, we're not at the border yet, who cares what these people think.
David: It's about not drawing attention to ourselves, you little hobo.
Rose: Hey, don't talk to her like that!
David: Rose, relax okay, the only thing you need to worry right now is making people believe you could actually be someone mother, okay.
Rose: Are you kidding me? I can do this shit in my sleep. [They hear a flight attendant coming in so Rose has grabbed all their hands to join in a prayer circle] Lord we thank thee for the blessing on this family vacation may David find his bliss and bring all of us home safely may Kenny and Casey fortified their sibling bond over the warm glow of our devouted hearts and made this entire airplane find safe passage and aboundant full of life even the jews...amen
Flight attendant: That was a good one, that was beautiful, I wish my family was more like that.

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