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David: Hey hey hey hey easy easy, whats going on here?
Street thug: Mind your own ****ing business old man.
David: Oh my god, you're a dude. I was like, what the hell, I mean your voice was much deeper that your bone structure.
Casey: These assholes are trying to steal my iPhone.
David: Wait, you have an iPhone? Aren't you homeless?
Casey: So? **** you dude. [Note:Not clear who she says this to]
David: Okay, this was fun, carry on.
Kenny: Wait, no. These guys are picking on this girl, and it's not fair.
Street thug 2: What the **** are you gonna do about it white boy? You some type a hero? [Note:The street thug is caucasian]
David: No, he's not a hero, he's just a dumb kid. I got an idea, leave the girl alone. You three just move along huh? What do you say? Move along?
Street thug: What are you, some kind of cop?
Kenny: No, he's not a cop. He's actually really cool. He's a drug dealer.
Street thug: Really? [Holds up a switchblade]
David: Goddamnit, Kenny.
Street thug: Give me your bag pack.
David: I don't wanna fight.
Street thug: Oh, there's not gonna be a fight. See, you either give me your backpack, or I'm gonna stab you in the ****ing neck, and take it.
David: Whew. So it's a real Sophie's Choice here huh? Alright, okay, back pack it is you want... [David swings it at a street thug, and runs into alleyway, with street thugs in pursuit of him]
Casey: [Casey walking down the street in nonchalant tone] Hey sorry, I dropped my phone. Are we still out tonight or what? [David is caught by the thugs and his apartment is cleaned out of marijuana and cash.]
Kenny: I can help. I'll call the cops. [To David slumped on apartment floor]
David: No.

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