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The Watcher

The Watcher quotes

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David Allen Griffin
Joel Campbell
Lt. Hollis

View Quote David Allen Griffin: Tell me again.
Joel Campbell: I said thank you David.
View Quote Joel Campbell: His last alias was David Allen Griffin. I worked the case for three and a half years in Los Angeles. We attributed at least 11 homicides to him.
Lt. Hollis: What's he doing in Chicago?
Joel Campbell: I assume he's still strangling young women with piano wire.
View Quote Joel Campbell: It's never quite that easy. You go through the door, and they're never just sitting there waiting for you with a welcoming smile on their face. Best you can do is hope they **** up and do what you can to be there when they do.
Dr. Polly Beilman: And then blame yourself for the killings?
Joel Campbell: Oh, no. I blame the asshole who did them.
View Quote Lt. Hollis: Hello, I am Lt. Hollis and welcome to my crime scene, can I help you with anything or are you just looking?
Joel Campbell: I'm Joel Campbell , I'm just on my way home...
Lt. Hollis: Did you happen to see that police tape marked do not cross on your way up...
Joel Campbell: If you're done with that I'll just take it and go...
Lt. Hollis: You don't happen to know this lady do you...
Joel Campbell: No, never. Why what's happened... she dead?
Lt. Hollis: I have made no reference to homicide... why would you hasten to such a conclusion?
Joel Campbell: Well you've got half the block taped off and about a dozen cops in their ****ing up your crime scene... doesn't seem like somebody boosting stereos to me...
View Quote [frustrated that victim never saw her bulletin picture on TV] Ellie Buckner. Single, 24, parents live in Florida. So far no known boy friend. She has a cat named Frank. Apparently he doesn't watch the news.
View Quote [to Dr. Polly Beilman] Do you think... some of your patients might pay to come see you because... you're very pretty?
View Quote I love her she's decomposing, I love her she's decomposing
View Quote Well, damned if you haven't found the worst restaurant in the whole goddamn city.
View Quote What are the odds that he's watching us right now?
View Quote Why did you turn away from me? Why was it so hard for you to accept? 'Cause you know I did it for you. You came so close to me that night. I remember clearly what I felt when I heard your footsteps falling behind me. Pride. I thought it would keep us together forever. For me it was our finest moment. I can still see the flames.