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Franklin Delano Roosevelt quotes

View Quote [on his plans to run for office] When I can walk, I'll run.
View Quote [During a speech] Now, they say! The best way to get rid of a man! Is to have him run for vice president! Well, I say! Ask my cousin Teddy! That's how they got rid of him!
View Quote [first time standing in the pool] I can't even stand! I can't even stand...
View Quote [tearfully, standing in the pool] I'm standing. I'm standing.
View Quote [speaking at the schoolhouse graduation ceremony] Thank you. Thank you, my friends. Now, you know, at Groton where I graduated from high school, our beloved Headmaster encouraged his students to enter public life. I chose to attend Harvard for my undergraduate work and then Columbia for my law degree. Followed my Headmaster's advice and sought a career in public life, but cir****stances beyond my control... [begins shaking] have made that very difficult. You know, I've given many speeches in my life. I don't know why I'm having such a hard time making this one.
View Quote Well, I want to say how proud I am to be a part of this community... community based not on birth rite or privilege, but on compassion and courage and -You know, I believe the true power of these waters is that they brought us all together. And our ability to help one another is what will make our victory over polio endure, because what... because what you have done, and what we will continue to do until this disease is defeated is to come together, like a family. Do what we do best. Lift each other up.
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