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Warm Springs

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Helena Mahoney
Jake Perini

View Quote I'll always come back here. Louis McHenry Howe: I can't quite picture you in the back woods of Georgia.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Well, where do you picture me, Louis?
Louis McHenry Howe: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
View Quote "There but for the grace of God," they say, as if our bodies were who we are. Well it's not: our souls are who we are, only they don't know it.
View Quote Eleanor Roosevelt: You want to stay?
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Yes.
Eleanor Roosevelt: New York has the best doctors and hospitals in the country.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: I need something new.
[short pause]
Eleanor Roosevelt: This isn't about getting better, is it? You don't want to come home. You don't want to live with us.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: I refuse to be a burden to anyone--
Eleanor Roosevelt: You're not a burden, you're my husband.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: I want to offer you the freedom you once so generously offered me. Listen, all you've ever known is duty to me and to a political career and unless I can walk again, no longer exists. You've been...exemplary. Now I'm telling you...that your free to go.
Eleanor Roosevelt: I don't want freedom. I want a marriage. I want a life with you.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Perhaps I can't imagine what you think that life is going to be.
Eleanor Roosevelt: Oh, Franklin. It's not up to me to imagine. It's up to you.
View Quote Franklin Delano Roosevelt: [on first arriving at Warm Springs] I can't stay here. This place is a wreck.
Eleanor Roosevelt: Franklin.
Tom Loyless: Look on the bright side, most of your time will be spent in the water. Look, we've fallen on some hard times...
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Hard times?! This place should be condemned!
Tom Loyless: [short pause] Yes, it's true, we've seen better days. But then, I imagine, so have you. [short pause] I'd be happy to drive you back to the train station right now if that's what you'd like?
Eleanor Roosevelt: My husband is concerned.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Fire. [short pause] I'm very frightened of fire. I can't get out if I'm upstairs I...
Tom Loyless: Oh, of course. We have other options.
View Quote Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Don't talk to me as if I were a child!
Eleanor Roosevelt: How am I supposed to talk to you?
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Like I was!
Eleanor Roosevelt: I don't know how to any more.
View Quote Franklin Delano Roosevelt: I want no part of this. I come here for privacy.
Tom Loyless: This isn't your personal spa! I have a business to run!
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Exactly! You have a business to run not I!
Tom Loyless: No one's asking anything of you!
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Course they are!
Tom Loyless: Do you know what it took for most of them to get here?
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: It's not my concern! I want to be left alone!
Tom Loyless: My God... You're afraid of these people.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Afraid? What are you talking about?
Tom Loyless: You look at them with the same repulsion and pity as everyone else.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Don't be ridiculous! And I resent--
Tom Loyless: You don't want to be around them because then that would make you one of them. Wouldn't it?
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: God dammit! Get outta my way! Get out of my goddamn way!
View Quote Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Mahoney. I need to speak with you, please.
Helena Mahoney: Sure, doc. [walks over]
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Thank you.
Helena Mahoney: Good luck, Franklin.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: I'm throwing myself to the wolves.
Helena Mahoney: You've faced worse. If they bite, you can come back here.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: I'll always come back here. [laughs]
View Quote Franklin Delano Roosevelt: You never pitied me, Tom. Thank you for that.
Tom Loyless: On the contrary; I envy you.
View Quote Helena Mahoney: I feel like I've been brought here under false pretenses.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Join the club.
View Quote Louis McHenry Howe: Why are you a Democrat?
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: The Democratic Party is the party of the people, and I'm a man of the people.
Louis McHenry Howe: You're a Roosevelt. Since when does a Roosevelt know about people?
View Quote [FDR is about to make a speech.]
Louis McHenry Howe: What's the matter?
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: What if I fall?
Louis McHenry Howe: If you fall, you just get up again.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt: If I fall in front of thousands of people, I'll lose everything... except their pity. They'll never see past my legs.
Eleanor Roosevelt: My darling, they'll never see past your legs... until you do.
View Quote [last lines]
Reporter: Mrs. Roosevelt, do you think that polio has affected your husband's mind?
Eleanor Roosevelt: [smiling] Yes, I do! I certainly do!
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Title Card: Four years later, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected President of the United States. He was elected three more times - unprecedented in U.S. history.
Title Card: During his years as President, he saw the country through the Great Depression and a world war waged on six continents.
Title Card: On April 12, 1945, in the thirteenth year of his presidency, at the age of sixty-three, Franklin Roosevelt died in his cottage at Warm Springs.
Title Card: The beneficiary of his $562,000 life insurance policy was Warm Springs...which continues to flourish as a rehabilitation center to this day.
View Quote [During a speech] Now, they say! The best way to get rid of a man! Is to have him run for vice president! Well, I say! Ask my cousin Teddy! That's how they got rid of him!
View Quote [first time standing in the pool] I can't even stand! I can't even stand...