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Wakko's Wish

Wakko's Wish quotes

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View Quote Brain: [flying in the Air-Screw] With the wind at our backs, all we have to do is maintain this velocity, and we'll be the first to reach the wishing star! Do you know what that means Pinky?
Pinky: What does what mean?
Brain: Just skip it.
Pinky: Skip what?
Brain: Grrrrr! Just stop!
Pinky: 'Kay.
[stops pedaling. They fall]
Brain: AAAAAHHHH! NO! Keep pedaling! Keep pedaling Pinky!
[he does]
Brain: Huh, huh... You almost killed us, Pinky! What were you thinking?
Pinky: But you said stop! You really did Brain, you said 'stop.'
Brain: Ignore what I say!
Pinky: Really?
Brain: Yes, just keep pedaling!
Pinky: 'Kay.
[stops pedaling again]
Brain: NOOOOOO! What are you doing?
Pinky: Ignoring what you say.
Brain: Not about that!
Pinky: Not about what?
Pinky: [starts pedaling again] Sometimes you are so confused, Brain.
View Quote Brain: Pinky, I knew I'd find you out here wasting time with this horse.
Pinky: But Pharfigneuten and I have pledged out hearts to each other!
Brain: Pinky, that is a horse. You are a mouse.
Pinky: Oh, Brain, don't be so intolerant. Why can't the horses and the mice live together in harmony? Along with the fairies and the wood sprites and the bean sprouts?
Brain: I stand corrected, Pinky. That is a horse, you are an imbecile.
Pinky: Thank you!
View Quote King Salazar: You horrible children! Who taught you how to behave?
Wakko: [sadly] No one, sir.
Dot: You see - cough! Cough! We're orphans.
King Salazar: Yes, well, everyone has problems.
Yakko: [Bambi eyes] You know, we'd SO like to be adopted.
Wakko: Will you be our new daddy?
King Salazar: Certainly not!
Dot: [jumps on him] Buy me a toy, daddy! Buy me a toy, buy me a toy, buy me a toy!
Wakko: Oh, please Dad! Do!
King Salazar: I'm not your father!
Yakko: That's not what Mommy said.
View Quote Pinky: But Brain, how ever will we get to the wishing star first?
Brain: Simple, Pinky. With the help of the great Leonardo DaVinci.
Pinky: He is going to give us a ride there in his pant cuffs?
Brain: No Pinky. DaVinci is dead.
Pinky: Oh, how sad. When's the funeral?
Brain: He died a long time ago.
Pinky: And I forgot to send flowers? Stupid! Stupid! STUPID!
Brain: No, Pinky, allow me.
[Smacks him with his pencil]
Brain: STUPID!
View Quote Wakko: If only I'd earned more...
Yakko: Hey, we'll find some other way to pay for her operation.
Wakko: I guess so...
Yakko: You turning in?
Wakko: ...To what?
Yakko: ...Good question. See you in the morning.
Wakko: Good night
View Quote Yakko: Oh, riiiight! The secrets about the wishing star- right! Yeah. You see, the key to the whole thing is... Uh, you got a little something in your nose.
King Salazar: Huh? Where?
Yakko: Right there.
King Salazar: [sniffs] Did I get it?
Yakko: Yeah - noooo, no, still there.
King Salazar: [sniffs again] How about now?
Yakko: Now it's over there. Ooh.
King Salazar: [wipes] How about now?
Yakko: No. Ugh.
Dot and Wakko: Ewww! Get it! Get it! Get it!
Yakko: Please! Could you go to the bathroom and take care of it? Oof. I mean, whoops!
King Salazar: Oh, all right!
[Goes into the bathroom. Wakko jumps down and locks the door]
Warners: [dancing] We're in charge! We're in charge!
View Quote [Yakko sits next to Dot on her bed, her snuggling close to him, as he tells her the story of her birth.]
Yakko: Okay. Once upon a time, a brave knight married a beautiful princess, and they had two sons.
Dot: But they wanted a daughter, too.
Yakko: Right. So, they planted a garden all over the kingdom, and on the first day of spring, every flower in that garden bloomed. And out of the prettiest flower came...
Dot: Me!
Yakko: Yep!
[Dot snuggles closer as Yakko hugs her and smiles. Wakko is standing in her bedroom's doorway looking at her in worry of her health, but they don't notice. Yakko continues with the story as Wakko closes the curtains and looks away sadly.]:
Yakko: And so, the knight and his bride, Mom and Dad, took you home. And every night at bed-time, they'd come in and say... [rubs noses with Dot] "Who's the cutest girl?" And you'd say...
Dot: I am!
Yakko: And they'd asked... [rubs noses] "How did you ever get so cute?" And you'd say...
Dot: I was born that way!
Yakko: And they'd say... [pokes her nose] "Tell us your name, young lady!" And you'd say...
Dot: Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fana Bo besca the Third, but you can call me Dot!
Yakko: And they'd say, "Can we call you Dottie?" And you'd say...
Dot: No. Just Dot. Call me Dottie, and you die!
Yakko: And Mom and Dad would laugh, and laugh, and laugh, and they'd tickle you... [tickles her, making her giggle] ...and you'd laugh, too!
Dot: [laughs happily, but coughs for a moment, then continues laughing]
Yakko: [gets off her bed and covers her up as she lies down to sleep] And you'd fall asleep with a great, big smile in your heart.
Dot: [coughs, falling asleep] I like that story.
Yakko: [strokes her head gently and whispers] G'night, sis.