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Tomato Sawyer and Huckleberry Larry's Big River Rescue Little Jimmy: [looking at a record album of "Mama Belle and Little Jimmy"] Mama! Tom (Bob): That's your mama? Little Jimmy: And me! Little Jimmy! Huck (Larry): That's you? [Tom & Huck look at Jimmy seeing he is big now] Little Jimmy: I grew. [Huck is exploring the town of Muscatine.] Huck: [to himself] Wow, what a great town. This place has got it all. Friendly town people, shopping, baby with a signal flare... Huh? [Huck looks and sees that there is, in fact, a baby with a signal flare. Observing further, he sees that everyone in the town has a signal flare. To make matters worse, Huck spots a big "WANTED" billboard for Little Jimmy.] Huck: Ahhh!!! [he backs away from the billboard, only to bump into a policeman] Excuse me. [the policeman turns to Huck, revealing he has a signal flare, too; Huck backs up, and knocks over an n entire cart of signal flares] Oh! Really sorry about that! [Huck bumps into the old man he met from earlier.] Huck: Excuse me. Old Man: Hey, is there somethin’ I can help you with, Sonny? [He adjusts his hat with a signal flare. Huck sees it, screams, and runs away frightened, catching the baby’s attention. Cut to Tom and Little Jimmy on the dock.] Tom: You play any football in high school? You got the size for it. Little Jimmy: No. I was in musicals. Tom: Really? [Huck comes rushing toward them.] Huck: Tom! T-Tom! [The baby suddenly spots Little Jimmy, and starts crying loudly as he whacks against his carriage.] Huck: TOM! Whoa! [Huck collides with Tom and Little Jimmy, and the three tumble down the stairs back onto the raft. The baby stops fussing and looks at his signal flare.] Huck: [grabs the paddle] We gotta get outta here! [pushes the raft away from the dock] Tom: W-What are you doing? Huck?!? What’s going on?! Huck: BEWARE THE BABIES!!! [A signal flare shoots into the sky with a loud whistle and explodes into a firework. The baby laughs. Huck looks up in horror.] Little Jimmy: Oooh...pretty. Tom: Eh-hehh... eh, maybe no one noticed… [He was wrong. Everyone else in the town starts firing their signal flares into the sky, making it look like a fireworks show.] Huck: [paddling faster] They all know about Jim! The posters are everywhere! Even the babies have signal flares!! Tom: The babies? Huck: Yeah, Tom! The babies!! Tom: Who's that guy? Huck: I think it was quotes

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