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Lord of the Beans Billboy (Archibald): Today is my twelvety-twoth birthday. 122 years is too short a time to live among such fine folk. I'm twice as tall as half of you and half as short as twice of you. Ahem (Mr. Lunt): [as he chases Toto (Junior) for the bean] It's mine, I tell you! It's mine! Give it to me! Give it back! Toto: Randalf! I know why the elders sent me here! They want me to help! [Scaryman (Scallion #1) captures Toto and puts his sword in front of him.] Scaryman: Good thought, but wrong! Randalf (Mr. Nezzer): Scaryman! Scaryman: The elders sent you here because I told them to. Randalf: What? Toto: What? Scaryman: Everyone has something they're sure they can't live without. [looks at the Fellowship] For some, it's fame or fortune, [looks at Ahem] for others, a life of ease. For a certain ancient tree, it happens to be jewels, something of which I have in abundance. Randalf: You bribed them? Scaryman: Yes. They got what they want, and I get what I want. Ha! Use your gift to help people, how quaint! I hope you've learned your lesson, boy. Life is short. If you have a gift, use it for yourself before you've lost it and it's too late. [Scaryman pushes Toto aside and takes the bean.] Scaryman: Ha! Too late! [laughs evilly] Billboy: You're wrong, Scaryman! Scaryman: What? Who said that? Billboy: You're wrong, Scaryman! Scaryman: Who- Show yourself! Where are you? [Billboy charges at Scaryman and knocks him to the ground. He catches the bean.] Toto: Uncle Billboy! Randalf: Billboy? Billboy: Hello, Toto! [[Scaryman tries to reach for his sword, but Ear-A-Corn (Larry) blocks it from him.] Ear-A-Corn: Not so fast, scary guy! Scaryman: Sporks, save me! [The Other Elf (Jerry), who's with the sporks, shakes his head.] Spork: Cookie man say no! Scaryman: Oh, bother. Toto (Junior): I want to fix this land! quotes

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