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Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Samson's Hairbrush Percy Pea: [to Lil' Pea, after Gourdon threatens to pound the kids] Have you ever been pounded? Lil' Pea: A cousin of mine was. He's soup now. Gourdon: Aw, this is lame. I don't even like this lousy, old playground. I'm going home to play video games. Minnesota (Larry): First, a chocolate Malta. Julia (Petunia): Malt. Minnesota: Right. Chocolate. Julia: No, it's malt. Not Malta. Minnesota: What? Julia: Malt is a desert, Malta is an island. Minnesota: But with an Italian accent, they're both the same. Minnesota: [calling Martin (Bob)] Martin? Martin? Martin: I'm here, Cuke! What's wrong? Did you get a haircut? Minnesota: Never mind that! Where's the park guy? Martin: Huh? He was here a second ago. I guess he slipped out. Tell me! What's going on? Minnesota: Good, he wouldn't want to hear this anyway. It's bad news, Martin. Martin: Would you just tell me already? Minnesota: He was here, Martin! And he's after the brush! Martin: Who? Minnesota: Professor Rattan! Martin: Okay. Now, don't panic, Minnesota. Remember, he's a bully. We can deal with him. Minnesota: Just a bully?! He's more than that! He's my enemy!! Martin: Calm down. The Bible says we should love our enemies. Minnesota: Love?! Love our enemies?! Martin: Everybody can't go around all the time trying to get even. That would leave the whole world in a mess. Let's just figure out what to do next. Minnesota: I'll tell you what we're gonna do, Martin. I'm gonna get that brush first, and I'm gonna use its power to defeat all the bullies in the world! I'm gonna teach them a lesson they'll never forget! Martin: But, Minnesota! Minnesota: See ya in the funny papers, Martin. quotes

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