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The Star of Christmas [Cavis (Bob) and Millward (Larry) have accidentally woken up Moyer (Scooter).] Moyer: Hey! You there! What do you think you're doin'?! [Moyer sees that Millward is holding the star's box.] Moyer: [gasps] The star!! [Millward hides the box behind his back] All right! NOW I'M ANGRY!! Millward: It's Moyer the Destroyer! Cavis: Run, Millward! Millward: I'm way ahead of you, Cavis! Moyer: Get back here, you chicken-hearted hooligans! Cavis: See ya, Moyer the Destroyer! Millward Cavis, are you okay? You fell down, and then you fell up! Speak to me! Cavis: Hey, why didn't I see that before? It leads all the way to that window! Okay, Millward. Start climbing! Millward: What? Why do I have to go first? Cavis: Would you rather stay down here with Moyer the Destroyer? Millward: [starts climbing up the ladder] I'm on my way. Moyer: Don't even THINK you can get away! You're trapped like a bug in the queen's sticky buns! Cavis: [climbing the ladder] Millward, just climbing! Millward: He's getting close, Cavis! Cavis: No! Don't lean back, Millward! Millward: He's gettin' real close, Cavis!! [Millward leans back, tipping the ladder back.] Moyer: You're trapped like a dog hanging onto a big, juicy steak that has itself... somehow... become trapped... in some way... Cavis: MILLWARD!!! [Cavis and Millward crash out of the window and scream as they fall through the air.] Laundry Person (Scallion #3): Why does everyone want their laundry picked up at night, all of a sudden? [After he leaves his laundry cart behind, Cavis and Millward land into it.] Millward: Seymour, remember how you promised I could take the rocket car for a ride sometime? Seymour (Pa Grape): Uh, yeah? Millward: It's time! quotes

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