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Larry Boy and the Rumor Weed LarryBoy: (emerges from shadow) I believe you have something that belongs to those boys. Milk Money Bandit (Scallion 3): Well I... (starts backing up, but comes face-to-face) Who are you? LarryBoy: (sternly) I'm LarryBoy. (he uses his super suction ear on the Milk Money Bandit and hangs him over the edge) Milk Money Bandit: Ah! Uh, what are you going to do? LarryBoy: It's not nice to take people's milk money! (he turns the Milk Money Bandit upside down) Milk Money Bandit: Hey! Take it easy, fella! Don't get crazy! (he starts shaking him) HEY!! WHOA!! Ooh! Aah! Ooh! (milk money dropped out of the bandit's pocket and landed back to the peas, and he turns him back up) I ain't feeling so good. (he starts hopping) Hey, hey. Hey! Where are we going? You can't do this! I've got rights! Hey! Hey! (Officer Scooter standing in front of the police car, the Milk Money Bandit falls in) Scooter: AAAAAHH!!! It's another space alien! (Milk Money Bandit chuckles nervously) Oh, it's the Milk Money Bandit. We've been looking for you for months. Thanks, Larry-Boy. The Weed: [sings] I'm a rumor weed! I'm a rumor weed! A tiny little story is all I need to make a big mess! I'm a rumor weed! Larry: (he sees the Weed on the flowerbed) Hey! You're a weed! The Weed: That's right, but did you hear about Alfred? Larry: Oh, Alfred's gonna be mad! He hates weeds in his flowerbed! The Weed: Yeah, but, did you hear about Alfred? Larry: You better get out of here, before Alfred comes back! The Weed: You're not listening to me! Did you hear... Ugh. Alfred: (off-screen) Master Larry! It's the Mayor! She says it's urgent! Larry: I'll be right there! (to The Weed) I gotta go. Hold that thought. LarryBoy: Okay. I can do this. I am... after all... a superhero! (then he notices the Weed sitting) Oh, look! It's just a little one! (he hops over to the Weed) What was I so nervous about? You've met your match, Weed! I'm gonna take you, and I'm gonna... (The Mother Weed reveals herself behind him. LarryBoy looks up and gets scared.) LarryBoy: Mother! Alfred: (stops beside Scooter's police car) Oh, yes! Officer, I need your help! LarryBoy is battling a giant weed in the sewer system... Scooter: AAAAAAHH!!! The robot! (he starts engine and drives away) Alfred: I'm not a robot, I'm... British! LarryBoy: I'm warning you! I'm a super...! (gets thrown against the wall) ...hero. Mother Weed: Face it! You can't stop this weed; thanks to your friends out there, I'm getting bigger by the minute! HahahahahaMWAHAHAHA!!! The Weed: Soooo, did you hear the one about Alfred? LarryBoy: What? Crowd: What a nice man! Alfred: Aaaahh! Mayor Blueberry: We're sorry for thinking that you were a robot. Mr. Nezzer: We didn't even ask you if it was true! Alfred: Oh, I forgive you... I forgive you all! (looks around) Has anybody seen LarryBoy? (A beat-up LarryBoy drags himself out of the sewers by his plunger-ears) LarryBoy: Hey, Alfred... everyone... someone was telling me that you were a robot- (Everybody shushes him loudly) quotes

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