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Madame Blueberry Bob: Larry. How much stuff do you need to be happy? Larry: I don't know. How much stuff is there? Narrator: And now it's time for Silly Songs with Larry, the part of the show where Larry comes out and sings- Archibald: Just a moment! Wait! Stop talking! (Archibald runs out on stage as a bear-trapped Larry stands and watches) Excuse me, I have an announcement. Ahem... Because of the high standard we on this show strive to adhere to, and as a result of the disastrous outcome of the previous Silly Song, management has decided to review compositions from other performers for this segment. Several artists were screened and we chose one based on the applicant's sense of artistry and all-around proprietary. Thank you. Larry: So what are you saying? Archibald: I'm saying that Silly Songs is cancelled until further notice. Larry: (blinks in disbelief) Oh yeah?! Well, how'm I supposed to get out of this bear trap? Archibald: I'm sure you'll figure something out. (Construction peas move a new title card into view) Narrator: And now it's time for Love Songs with Mr. Lunt, the part of the show where Mr. Lunt comes out and sings a love song. Bob: Well, that about does it for me! What do you say we head home? Madame Blueberry: Oh! There are whole aisles we haven't even seen yet! No! I am not leaving until I have everything I need to be happy! Madame Blueberry: (seeing her house about to tip) My house! Larry: It's so stuffed full of stuff, it's getting too heavy for the tree! Bob: We've gotta stop those deliveries before it's too late! Come on, Larry! Grab a cart! [Bob and Madame Blueberry drive two respective shopping carts, while Larry is left sitting in a shopping basket.] [Bob and Larry are crying] Bob: Oh that was beautiful! Larry: Hold me Bob! Bob: I would if I could, man! Jean Claude: Pull yourselves together! Phillipe: Yes, you have a show to wrap up! Bob: Oh, you're right... I'm sorry, where were we? Larry: [sniffling] Madame Blueberry..! Bob and Larry: [crying] Jean Claude: All right! That does it! Cue the music! Phillipe: Unless, of course, you have any objections... Bob: No... I don't care... go ahead... quotes

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