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Dave And the Giant Pickle (A sheep falls over by Jimmy) Jimmy Gourd: Oh, Dave! One of my sheep fell over! Will you come pick it up for me? Dave (Junior Asparagus): (struggling to pick up another sheep) I'm kinda busy right now. Jimmy: (miffed) Do you remember the time we dipped you in tar and stuck you to the backside of an angry water buffalo? Dave: I'll be right there! (Another sheep falls over by Tom) Tom Grape: Hey, Dave! One of my sheep fell, too! Dave: Just a minute! (Jerry knocks over a row of sheep) Jerry Gourd: (smugly) Oh, look! All of my sheep fell over. Dave!! Jimmy: Oh, Dave! After you pick up our sheep, could you run and get me a bite to eat? I'm famished! Jerry: Oh, yeah! Me, too! Get me something, too! Jimmy: You know, sometimes I think I could eat a whole camel! Jerry: Oh, yeah? Well, sometimes I think I could eat a whole spaceship! Jimmy: (confused) Uh, what's a spaceship? Jerry: I have no idea. (The Philistines, portrayed by the French Peas, are taunting the Israelites from across the battlefield) Jean-Claude: Hello, Israelites! You are pigs, and soon we will put apples in your mouths and stick you in our toaster ovens! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Christophe: Ah, yes, after we defeat you, you will be our slaves and you will have to fetch us our slippers. Jean-Claude: Yes, and iron our trousers! Christophe: Ho-ho, and wipe our little noses. Jean-Claude: Ha-ha, and scratch that spot on our backs that we cannot reach no matter how hard we try. Ha! (no response from the Israelites) Don't you have anything to say? Jimmy: Um... Do you guys have any fried chicken? I've got a real hankering for fried chicken. Jerry: Yeah, me, too! Jean-Claude: (to Christophe) This is going to be easier than we thought. Goliath: Who will fight me?! Dave: I will fight you, Goliath! Jimmy: (to Tom and Jerry) You know, if I didn't know better, I'd say that sounded like Dave! Tom: (laughs) Well, yeah! (spots Dave running out onto the battlefield) You know, if I didn't know better, I'd say that looks like Dave! Dave's Brothers: (shocked) Huh?! (Dave smiles at his brothers) DAVE?! (Jimmy faints) Bob the Tomato: (narrating) Goliath was equally surprised. Goliath: Who said that? Dave: (clears throat) I did! Goliath: Huh? (sees Dave) Oh ho ho! Am I a dog that you come at me with sticks? (Philistines laugh) Dave: I don't exactly know what you mean, but you are not a dog! You're just a really big guy who wants to beat me up! And I come at you not with sticks, but in the name of the God of Israel, who this day will help me defeat you! Goliath: We will see who defeats who! Now we fight! Jean-Claude: It's showtime! quotes

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