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God Wants Me to Forgive Them!?! (Tom and Rosie begin slinging nonsensical insults at each other) Tom Grape: Hey! What'd you do that for? Rosie Grape: I didn't do it! You did, ya big possum head! Tom: I did not, you taco salad rabbit nose! Rosie: You did too, casserole-head, pimento-loaf, iguana boy! Tom: Pa! Pa Grape: Now, Rose, apologize to your brother. Rosie: Huh? What for? Pa: Well, you know he just turned 18 years old. Rosie: Yeah, so? Pa: So that would make him a casserole-head, pimento-loaf, iguana man! Rosie: Oh, yeah, sorry about that, (under breath) cabbage-nosed Elvis puppy. Tom: Yeah, and don't you forget it! Bob the Tomato: Boy, I sure am glad they got that straightened out. Larry the Cucumber: Yep, the grapes were really sorry this time, so once again, Junior forgave them. (The scenes cuts back to the story) Junior Asparagus: (angrily) What?! Larry (voice-over): I said, "once again, Junior forgave them." Junior: Are you serious?!? (The scene cuts back to the Countertop) Larry: Well, I think so. Bob am I serious? Bob: Oh yeah, Larry. Yeah, y-you're serious. Mmm-hmm. (The scene cuts back to the story) Junior: I'm supposed to forgive them again? After what they just did to me?! (The scene cuts back to the Countertop) Larry: Well, uh... yeah. (The scene cuts back to the story) Junior: Sure, I forgave them for calling me "Bean Boy" and saying I had cheese on my head. But now they're making fun of my name and they laughed when the hoe almost smacked my face CLEEEEAAAAN off, and then the truck picked me up and threw me in the sand! And you're telling me, I'm supposed to forgive them AGAIN!?! Bob: Well, does anybody know what 70 × 7 is? Ma Grape: Nine? Pa: Let's see, I remember from college, it was, uh... π, r... oy! Tom: Was it two? Or maybe... Seven? Rosie: 490! All: Ooh! Dad Asparagus: Now, that's one smart grape. (Bob and Larry begin to tell the tale of quotes

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