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Unfriended quotes

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View Quote Blaire Lily: For a sec I thought this was real
Mitch Roussel: How do you know it's not?
Blaire Lily: Stop trying to freak me out.
Mitch Roussel: Or what?
Blaire Lily: Or... I'll send my dad to fight you. [winky emoji]
Mitch Roussel, Blaire Lily: Your dad's not home...
Blaire Lily: How do you know?
Mitch Roussel: Cause he's out drinking with mine. [sends link of Laura's facebook memorial page revealing the messenger to Laura]
View Quote Ken Smith: [upon Laura's webcam displaying a grated image] Hey genius! We can see you.
Jess Felton: What is that? Like a lattice or crate?
[Ken sighs and stands up off his chair.]
Ken Smith: Ken!
Ken Smith: What?
Jess Felton: Uh, stand back for a second.
Ken Smith: Why?
Adam Sewell: Just do it dude. [Ken stands back and begins to wave his right arm indicating Laura's webcam is capturing him from behind.]
View Quote Ken Smith: It's definitely a hacker. He's spying to get info on farts and boners, ok?
Mitch Roussel: Is that what today's agenda is?
Ken Smith: Well, we haven't hit the farts yet, but thanks to The Ken's Famous Salsa, the gas will be rolling tonight, baby!
Jess Felton: That's so gross.
View Quote Laura: Never Have I Ever... got Adam arrested for selling weed.
Adam Sewell: What? No, please tell me he's lying Jess, you ****ing bitch!
Jess Felton: **** you! I never did that!
Mitch Roussel: Hey stop! It was me, man. It was me.
Adam Sewell: WHAT? Why!?
Mitch Roussel: Does it really matter!?
Adam Sewell: It does to me, Mitch! They put me in handcuffs! I almost had a record! My ****ing dad almost disowned me for that!
View Quote Mitch Roussel: Okay, you know what? We're not doing this shit here, everybody just stop. Pick up your phones, mute your computers.
Jess Felton: I don't know where my phone is guys please don't do this.
Blaire Lily: Jess it's okay [mutes mic]
Jess Felton: No wait! [gets up from bed and walks to desk chair whilst quickly glancing for phone]
Jess Felton: **** guys.
Laura: [via Skype IM] Nice try guys, let me turn those mics on for you.
[Blaire, Mitch, Adam and Ken's mics then suddenly turn on bringing the audio from their phone calls to the convo.]
Laura: .
Jess Felton: Guys, Guys! He can hear you, he can turn your mics on.
View Quote [last lines]
Blaire Lily: [sobbing out of control] Laura, I'm sorry that we drifted apart!
Laura: 'Drifted apart'? Is that how you remember it? I think there's more to the story.
[Laura then tags Blaire with the Leaky Laura video on her Facebook page]
Blaire Lily: No...
[the video shows Laura sleeping drunk on the ground, Blaire is then shown laughing in the video]
Blaire Lily: [whisperly] I got her...
[video ends]
Blaire Lily: I'm sorry.
Laura: What you've done will live here forever.
[many of Blaire's Facebook friends post several angry comments on Blaire's page]
Laura: I wish I could forgive you, Blaire.
[Laura signs off Skype as Blaire is left alone consumed in guilt and fear, the door is then heard creaking open, a pair of hands slams the laptop screen shut]
Blaire Lily: NO! Laura?
[Laura's demonic face lunges at the screen until it cuts to black]
Blaire Lily: [screams] NO!